Get the manufacturing data you need with production planning software

As a manufacturer, you have to take steps towards production planning and control. You should know how much is being produced, where it is going, and who will work on the products. This is where production planning software like an MRP solution can help.

How manufacturing planning software can help you optimize production

Production planning software gives manufacturers easy access to the inventory and production data they need to stay agile and efficient. Here are some of the features and benefits that modern manufacturing solutions offer from total inventory control to an optimized supply chain process.

An MRP solution gives you control over your production processes

An MRP or material requirements planning software helps manufacturers plan and schedule resources from stock levels to employee scheduling. Production planning software features included in most MRP solutions also help you get more out of the production processes you use. You’ll be able to precisely control which steps in the manufacturing process are automated and which you manage manually. Operations management features give real-time information on what is happening at each level in your company’s manufacturing process. This includes the amount of work in progress, total inventory levels, and much more.

Manufacturing ERP software like Katana allows you to:

  • Make accurate manufacturing and purchasing decisions with live data
  • Ensure optimal inventory levels at all times
  • Prioritize production based on raw material availability
  • Get task-level control for effective shop floor management
  • Automate manufacturing cost calculations based on your bill of materials and operations
The primary goal of inventory management is to minimize the changes of having stock stuck on your shelves and making sure you don’t run out at the same time.

Reduce production costs with cloud software for manufacturers

Production planning software, sometimes referred to as production scheduling software, helps manufacturers reduce waste and focus on their core competencies by freeing up the time used in production planning activities. This is especially important for small businesses that do not have the necessary resources to stay on top of current market trends. In terms of costs, cloud MRP solutions often set up their pricing so that you only pay for the services you use, further reducing your software and equipment costs even further.

Katana’s end-to-end manufacturing ERP solution makes it easy to:

  • Track manufacturing costs based on your bill of materials (BOM) and production operations
  • Create multilevel BOMs with subassemblies for accurate costing
  • Make precise pricing decisions based on your product margins
  • Select from two pricing plans and add more users based on your needs
How to track shop floor time with Katana's software

Better production planning means better strategic decisions

The bottom line with production planning software is that it reveals the weak points in your manufacturing process. Once you know where your problem areas are, you can make adjustments and boost productivity throughout your entire operation. With the help of production planning software, managers can include information on capacity, demand, and overall production levels in their strategic planning efforts. Integrations with advanced analytic tools allow them to generate data that they can use to formulate an effective plan for the future of their business.

Katana gives you the real-time data you need to:

  • Drag-and-drop priorities for manufacturing tasks
  • Track availability for required materials for efficient sales order fulfillment
  • Identify delay risks related to material supply lead times
  • Get accurate expected completion dates to keep sales teams informed
  • Have a live floor-level production status overview

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