Katana × Xero

(Coming soon!)


Business operations and accounting synchronized between Quickbooks and Katana smart workshop software.

Your business operations and accounting synchronized

Keep your orders synchronized in Katana and Xero. Prevent situations where figures in different software systems do not match. Your whole team will benefit and your accountant will love it.

Manage your sales and purchasing in Katana. Then bring those orders to Xero to create relevant customer invoices and vendor bills.


Sync with just a few clicks

Export your sales and purchase orders from Katana to a Xero-compatible CSV file. Import it directly to Xero without any further editing. Daily sync just takes a minute. 

Create invoices in Xero

Bring your sales orders to Xero to create customer invoices and manage vendor bills for purchase orders.

Increase sales

You can focus on product design, marketing, and sales by wasting less time on manual data entry and error tracking.

Xero automatic integration is coming soon!