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Take the next step in the footwear manufacturing game and lace all your manufacturing processes together with Katana. Here’s how thousands of manufacturers use Katana to streamline operations.

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I would 100% recommend Katana to other apparel businesses, especially with the fashion industry moving towards sustainable, made-to-order manufacturing is picking up more.

Lisa Diep, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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A footwear software for companies of any size

Whether you’re creating innovative and tailored footwear or producing big batches of beautiful shoes, Katana’s footwear ERP software can help you boost sales and streamline your work. You could become another of our apparel success stories, bringing your product development into our footwear ERP platform which helps cut down on daily admin and increase time spent making, selling, and shipping.


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Create bills of materials, perfect warehouse processes, and maintain product consistency and quality

Every product made within Katana has a bill of materials (BOM) or a product recipe, if you prefer that. Each footwear product you make will have its own dedicated bill of materials, and every variant will have one with specific details tweaked (maybe color, number of eyelets, or lace length). These are crucial for the people making the shoes, whether that’s you individually or your team, as it helps keep each product uniform and sets the standards for your awesome products. It’s a great and simple way of maintaining quality control while making multiple products daily.

BOMs are also important if you work on a larger scale, as they assist in warehouse management, and letting your team know which stock is needed for which product. And once products are made, you can also track which have been shipped through tasks in our shop floor mobile app. This is where real-time inventory management can then help you identify which of your products need more regular reorders so the supply chain matches the demand of your consumers.

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Sell to customers in all corners of the world, and ship to them on time

It’s great to have a lot of customers interested in your products, but you need to make sure you have the sales process and shipping options to reach them. As a major feature of the modern retail industry, apparel and footwear are always in demand, so this is where Katana looks to support you as much as possible. We have native integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce, and a whole host of other third-party integrations with major e-commerce providers to give you choice around your sales process.

We also have integrations with shipping partners, to help get your shoes to their buyers. They don’t need to walk there by themselves.

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  • Manage production planning, resource allocation, and scheduling in real time
  • Issue purchase orders based on precise material requirements and reorder points
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Create custom API integrations

Use Katana’s open API to create custom workflows and connect to apps beyond our list of integrations. Automate data transfers between the services you use to level up efficiency. Take a look at our API documentation to learn more.

Footwear ERP software FAQs
Which e-commerce stores does Katana integrate with?

You can integrate your online footwear retailing store with Katana using Shopify or WooCommerce (both native integrations) or any of the third-party providers listed on our integrations page.

What warehouse management systems does Katana offer?

Along with our platform itself, we also offer our shop floor app which assists you in working with a larger team working in your warehouse to track task completion, production, and shipping.

How simple is warehouse management with Katana?

You can. Shopify can integrate directly with POS systems, allowing you to track sales within a store, and sync everything directly back to Katana.

Do you offer a live demo of the product?

This isn’t needed right away, as we have absolutely loads of excellent explainer videos in our knowledge base, covering every area of Katana. Once you’re signed up though, if you’ve got questions, you can always chat to our customer support who’ll be happy to help!

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