Move your manufacturing to the cloud with QuickBooks Online + Katana

What are the challenges modern manufacturers face? Does the software they use cover all their needs? This guide explains how Katana and QuickBooks Online combine to form the perfect software solution for manufacturers.

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What's in this cloud manufacturing guide?

Accounting, manufacturing, and integrations, oh my. While transitioning to cloud manufacturing may sound like a daunting task, the benefits outweigh the costs of being left behind. Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to move your business operations to the cloud or an agency or accounting expert struggling to advise your clients, here’s everything you need to know about cloud manufacturing with QuickBooks Online and Katana’s manufacturing software.

1. The era of business suites and desktop software is over

With the sunsetting of QuickBooks Desktop on the horizon, there are plenty of reasons manufacturers are being pushed towards cloud-based solutions. Learn more about:

  • The advantages of adopting cloud manufacturing software
  • The biggest challenges manufacturers face today
  • How cloud technology solves these problems and helps modern manufacturers scale

2. Manufacturers need more than what QuickBooks Online offers

While manufacturers have an alternative to QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online doesn’t come with the same range of features for manufacturing. Learn more about:

  • The features missing in QuickBooks Online
  • How manufacturing software like Katana can bridge those gaps
  • A detailed overview of how QBO and Katana integrate to support cloud manufacturing
  • An overview of Katana’s range of integrations

3. How cloud manufacturing paves the way for success

Like in many other industries that shifted towards cloud solutions, manufacturers are realizing that cloud solutions are the future. Learn more about:

  • How Katana + QBO solve major pain points manufacturers have
  • Case study: how one company used Katana and QBO to increase revenue

Want to learn more about Katana + QBO?

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