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EU Startups testimonial of Katana MRP

10 promising Estonian startups to watch in 2020

Having scanned the horizon for the top startups coming out of this region, Eu Startups took a look at which rising stars are most promising, thinking about a number of factors like team size, growth rate, founding year and investments, among others. Katana is part of their list of top Estonian teams to look out for in 2020 and beyond.
Tech EU at Katana MRP Press Center

Tallinn-based Katana raises $3.9 million to help direct-to-consumer manufacturers scale smartly

Katana, the Tallinn-based “smart manufacturing” software, has raised $3.9 million to help direct-to-consumer manufacturers scale their business. The financing includes $2.2 million from Munich-based seed investor 42CAP, as well as existing investors. It also includes the conversion of a $1.7 million pre-seed convertible note from late 2018, financed by angel investors.
Quality Digest testimonial of Katana MRP

Quality Means Never Being Out of Stock. Now, small direct-to-customer businesses have access to high-end inventory tools

Small manufacturing companies have turned to Katana, a cloud-based manufacturing solution to manage inventory and orders. Designed for smaller manufacturers or home craftspeople, Katana’s pay-as-you-go service is quickly outpacing the old familiar brands like MRPeasy and Fishbowl, so Shopify sellers can get a handle on real-time visual inventory control and order management.
AM Automation Media at Katana MRP Press Center

Cloud-Based Manufacturing Solutions Must Interface with QuickBooks, Shopify, Xero, WooCommerce and BigCommerce

“Nearly 80% of small manufacturers operate in the B2C online retail environment so inventory control solutions must offer integration with well-known manufacturing apps such as Shopify, Quickbooks, Xero, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Katana cloud-based manufacturing software seamlessly syncs work information and processes with the aforementioned programs.” (automationmedia.com)
Manufacturing Tomorrow at Katana MRP Press Center

Fast Growing Small Manufacturers Demand Cost-Effective Scalable MRP SaaS Solutions

“Small manufacturers are overlooked too often. Ironic since 90% of manufacturing operations have fewer than 100 employees and under $10M in annual sales. Even the smallest manufacturers face the same material requirements planning (MRP) demands as Fortune 1000 manufacturers.Small manufacturers globally have identified Katana MRP as the best-of-breed solution because users are able to rapidly capture real-time and comprehensive views of the business.”
The Manufacturing Report testimonial of Katana MRP

Shopify D2C: The Growth of Beauty-Based Manufacturing in 2020

“[…] small manufacturing beauty product Shopify companies profiled above have something common: Katana cloud-based manufacturing solution. Katana is quickly outpacing the old familiar, less friendly brands like MRPeasy and Fishbowl. At the start-up level these small beauty companies need a SaaS model (pay monthly) to get a handle on real-time visual inventory control and order management. Shopify manufacturing companies need the flexibility to handle production workflows simultaneously and effectively. “
Manufacturing Outlook testimonial of Katana MRP

2020: The Year of Direct-To-Consumer Manufacturing

Small manufacturers “get it.” They know how the consumer shops on-line. They are desperately seeking the must-have tools for scaling direct to-consumer brands and Katana cloud-based manufacturing software is taking the lead by building integrations with popular e-commerce sales channels (such as Shopify and WooCommerce) and accounting tools (QuickBooks and Xero) to support smooth and automated workflows.

Fast-Growing Small Manufacturers Transformed with Automated Inventory Control

“Puppy Cake was spoiling dogs with treats, but the company was struggling to achieve the perfect balance of inventory management; it was impacting the bottom-line. Katana cloud-based manufacturing software best-suited for small manufacturers allowed Puppy Cake to measure and quantify efficiency improvements. Day-to-day operations are now maximized at 100%.”


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