Katana x Amazon


Automatic Sales Order Import from Amazon to Katana via Zapier

You can now import sales orders into Katana from Amazon Seller Central or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). It takes just a few minutes to set up and then forever automated - sales orders will appear in your Katana account.

Important note: Amazon apps in Zapier are limited to customers on North American marketplace only.

Connect in minutes - no coding required

Connect in minutes and save hours of repetitive tasks. No need to build your own integration or write your own code.

Automated order management

Whenever a new order is received on your Amazon store, we automatically import the sales order to Katana, ready to be processed.

Improved manufacturing control

Manage your product recipes, ensure on-time purchasing of materials, avoid stock-outs with relevant alerts, and control the production responsibilities of team members.

Instantly Import Sales Orders into Katana from Amazon

1. Log in to your Katana dashboard or sign up for a free account.  
2. To connect your Amazon Seller Central or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) account to Katana, go to their respective page on Zapier.
3. Follow the simple set up guidelines to connect apps in minutes - and save hours.

Connect your favorite apps to Katana MRP via Zapier, from shipping to e-commerce to CRM solutions.

Automation set up in minutes to maximize your productivity forever.
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