Cloud Manufacturing Software to Organize Your Business

Manage product recipes, ensure on-time purchasing of materials, avoid stock-outs with relevant alerts, and run an efficient business with Katana!

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New best friend of ambitious manufacturers who want to scale

Katana cloud manufacturing software helps to manage raw materials, production process, inventory and automated sales orders in one easy-to-use interface.

The features and user interface have been designed with exactly the needs of a growing business in mind. 


What makes us different?

Import listings


One size doesn’t fit all. Katana’s cloud manufacturing software is built ti fulfill the needs ambitious manufacturers who seek to grow their business.

Import sales orders


It only takes minutes to set up your business. Importing your data is easy and you can start improving your daily operations from day one. 

Intelligent dashboards


Friendly towards all your other business essentials. E-commerce, accounting and many more integrations to keep your business flowing.

Organized Production

Better production scheduling = less trouble with deadlines = more happy customers. In a typical small business changes happen on hourly basis and all that may affect your daily or weekly production plan. That's why it is important to work with a flexible tool like Katana what makes it easy to change priorities in sales and production. 

Change the priorities of sales orders with a drag-and-drop and immediately see the availability of products in stock and products expected from production based on changed priorities.

Change the priorities of manufacturing orders with a drag-and-drop and immediately see the availability of materials in stock and materials expected from suppliers based on changed priorities.

Clearly see the link between a sales order, related manufacturing orders and related purchase orders of materials.

Get an immediate overview of status of each sales, manufacturing and purchase order currently being processed.



Organized production and production scheduling
No more stockouts

No more stockouts

Never run out of raw materials and ready-made products to sell. Use your sales data and plan ahead by adjusting your safety stock. When an order comes via your Shopify store, Katana will automatically pull the order and give you the answers to the following critical questions: 

  1. How many units of ordered products are immediately available in the stock for delivery?

  2. How many units of ordered products are missing that need to be produced to fulfill the order?

  3. What materials are required to produce the missing quantities?

  4. Are these materials available in the stock or should your order some additional materials from suppliers?

  5. When would the missing materials arrive and production can resume?



“Taking our manufacturing processes to the cloud has been a game-changer for us! Now the whole team is always aware of stock level and we can also resolve production issues on the go.”

— Kenneth Carcia, Colorado, US

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General FAQs

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the practice of using the internet to store and manage data.

What is the benefit of cloud software?

Cloud software can be used anywhere that you have internet access. This means that you can be much more flexible in where you work, and which devices you use to work from.

What is cloud manufacturing software?

Cloud manufacturing software allows you to manage your product-making business from anywhere that you have internet access. Benefits can include improved inventory management, production scheduling and sales order fulfillment.

Do I need cloud manufacturing software?

As a manufacturer the answer is most likely a yes. With the right software you will be able to improve areas like inventory management, production scheduling and sales order fulfillment. Without it, you might find yourself lacking the time and resources to grow your business effectively.