Quickbooks Online Inventory Management Software for Ambitious Manufacturers

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quickbooks online inventory management software for ambitious manufacturers

Katana’s Quickbooks inventory software helps you quickly scale your product-making business.


Optimize Your Inventory

Katana manages your raw materials and finished products in total real-time. This way you know exactly how much stock you have and how much you need at any point in production.


Make Accounting Easy

With our QuickBooks inventory software you can send your sales orders as invoices and purchase orders as bills to your QuickBooks account with the click of a button. That means your accounting and inventory will always be sync.


Enhance Production

Our software increases your production efficiency by automatically adjusting your raw material availability. You will always know when to purchase materials and schedule tasks for each of your orders.


Our Quickbooks inventory management software integrates your accounting, inventory, production and sales.

Katana has been designed specifically for the makers eye.

The interface has been color-coded and laid out to give you an absolute overview of your manufacturing business from a single dashboard.

This way you have a logical flow between all the essential elements of your business, giving you the opportunity to focus on the areas that need it.

You can follow a sales orders life from start to finish, and finalize it with a quick click to send your invoice to Quickbooks.

Check out the video to quickly see how Quickbooks integrates with Katana.

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What does Katana offer you that Quickbooks doesn’t?

Quickbooks is a brilliant tool for managing your finances, but that doesn’t mean that it works as the foundation of your product-making business. Katana was built to make running your whole business easier. From inventory to purchasing to production and sales. Our Quickbooks online inventory management software optimizes your: 

  • Real-time inventory management
  • Manufacturing-level control
  • Sales order fulfillment
  • Production planning
  • Purchasing planning
  • Portfolio management
  • Business contacts management

Ditch Your Cumbersome Spreadsheets

We know how inefficient and tiresome it can be to work with a web of spreadsheets. Which is why Katana's Quickbooks inventory software totally removes your reliance on Excel. This way you can focus on doing what you do best, making amazing products and growing your business!



500+ modern manufacturers around the world trust Katana


Finally, Katana.
”Over the last eight years, I have used a series of inventory programs for my small manufacturing and sales business. It takes a lot to migrate to a new platform and each move was an improvement. But Katana, finally, is exactly what I need. Intuitive, no bells and whistles I don't need, a system that forces me (entices me) into best practices. Katana is one of my best assets!”

Owner, Chris Brown
Piano Tech


Solved my inventory issues.
”Katana solved my inventory issues right away. The seamless Quickbooks invoicing integration makes it simple to generate invoices. I save hours a day with Katana. I can't recommend it highly enough.”

Owner, Shawn Lee
Food and Beverage


Best software I use for my business.
”Katana is absolutely amazing and has streamlined so many of our process. We do all our production, inventory and invoicing through QuickBooks on Katana. The software is so powerful, well worth the price and the customer service is so good. The team even made video for me walking me through some of the difficulties I was having.”

Owner, Kyle Koster


General FAQs

Can I manage inventory on QuickBooks Online?

You can manage inventory in a limited way on QuickBooks Online. Finished goods can simply be tracked as inventory items, and materials as non-inventory items. However, this does not mean that your materials are converted to finished goods, inventory is going to be tracked in real time, nor that your materials will be committed to orders separately.

How can I keep track of parts inventory on QuickBooks?

Parts inventory, or assemblies, cannot be tracked using QuickBooks Online, as there is no product recipe feature.

Is Quickbooks great for inventory?

If you are a reseller then the answer is yes. If you are a manufacturer then that’s not necessarily the case. QuickBooks Online does not have the capability to convert materials into finished products, nor the ability to save product recipes and schedule production. In which case you should search for a QuickBooks app which is dedicated to helping manufacturers.

Do I need a QuickBooks inventory management app?

As a manufacturer the answer is most likely a yes. With the right app you will be able to improve your inventory management, production scheduling and material purchasing. Without it, you might find yourself lacking the time and resources to grow your business effectively.