Inventory spreadsheet template Excel

Inventory Spreadsheet Template for Manufacturers

This Excel template is designed for small manufacturers who need to keep better track of their inventory. The stock level of materials and products in this spreadsheet updates automatically based on your sales, purchasing and manufacturing orders. Define bill-of-materials (BOM) for your products to enable required inventory movements.


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Spreadsheets are a good low-cost solution for a micro-scale manufacturer. But as the business grows, so does the need for more convenient inventory and production management. More often than not, spreadsheets tend to get messy and do not really help you at your job.

Manage product recipes, track your costs and margins, ensure on-time purchasing of materials, avoid stock-outs with relevant alerts, and run efficient shop floor operations with Katana. 

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Free Inventory Spreadsheet Template

Order fulfillment


Have a complete overview of your sales orders with our visual sales grid. Track each order from sales and manufacturing all the way down to purchasing. Check the product availability and production status. Know exactly what to do to get orders out of the door.

Production management


Managing your shop floor and dividing tasks between team members with Katana is effortless. Know the status of every manufacturing order, detect problems and take necessary action.

Intelligent dashboards


You can focus on marketing and sales by wasting less time on tracking errors in your spreadsheets and managing your workshop operations. Maximize profits by setting the right prices for your products based on accurate costing.



"I cannot imagine going back to Excel with my stock management. Now I can rely entirely on Katana and invest my time into growing the business."

Karl Bowers, Texas, US


Replace inventory spreadsheets with Katana. Automate your stock and production management.