50 Most Popular Shopify Apps for Modern Manufacturers [2020]

The most popular Shopify apps for small manufacturers in 2018
Here’s a list of the most popular Shopify apps used by thousands of small manufacturers to make their Shopify stores more profitable and easier to run.

So you’ve discovered how easy it is to open up an online store with Shopify.

You have your products photographed and on display, and you’re ready to receive orders.  

Yet, after a short while you get frustrated and tell yourself that e-commerce isn’t worth the trouble.

Don’t despair!

The 800,000 Shopify sellers to date wouldn’t be there unless there was potential for success.

The number of Shopify stores out there may seem daunting and you might ask yourself:  

“How on Earth do I stand out from the crowd so the right customers find me?”

Well, the answer is that there is help available!

The most popular Shopify apps out there can automate or assist with vital tasks that need taking care of in every kind of online store.    

Everyone is at a different stage in their e-commerce journey, and so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to starting and growing a thriving online business.

Is your online store’s design feeling a little lackluster?

Or perhaps your customer engagement could be better.

Frustrated with low search engine rankings, or poor sales?

You can turn everything around! Whatever you can think of, there’s probably a Shopify app out here to help you out.

There are thousands of apps, however. It’s enough to make anyone feel dizzy.

That’s why we have done the legwork for you and have put together a comprehensive list of the top Shopify apps for scaling manufacturers. 

The ratings in this article were all collected from the Shopify App Store.

Most Popular Shopify Apps in 2020 for Manufacturing Businesses

1. Katana – Smart Manufacturing Software

Recommended for: Complete Shopify inventory management, scheduling, and production planning 

Price: 14 day free trial to $99/month

Rating: 4.8 (562 reviews)

We’re, of course, very proud to place our Shopify-integrated inventory and production management software at the top of the list.  

Katana is a standalone cloud-based system that has been developed with Shopify integration as a top priority.

It is a complete inventory management and production planning package. Connecting only takes a couple of minutes and it’s free. 

Join Katana’s community of successful modern manufacturers today with a free trial

Katana Shopify App for Inventory and Production Management

2. Automatic Discount

Recommended for: Applying customized discounts that are event or customer-specific

Price: Free, up to $24.99/month

Rating: 4.2 (87 reviews)

Allows you to make links that apply a specific discount, maybe accessible from a promotion on an external website, or exclusively for email contacts. Automatic Discount makes giving online discounts based on factors that you decide on.

Shopify app for automated discounts.

3. Omnisend Marketing Automation

Recommended for: Sending fully automated, personalized emails and SMS messages.

Price: 14-day free trial, $10/month

Rating: 4.9 (2,075 reviews)

Automated email marketing means sending anticipated and relevant messages at a certain point in time, within the right context. Omnisend does that and much more. Plus, it one of the most popular Shopify apps for email marketing.

Omnisend email marketing automation Shopify app.

4. Growave

Recommended for: Shopify sellers looking for a marketing platform

Price: Free to $299.99/month

Rating: 5.0 (1008 reviews)

Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands reach their audience, engage users, and increase conversions with ease.

The app gives you the tools to use:

— Wishlists;
— Rewards or loyalty schemes;
— Instagram galleries;
— Automated emails; and
— Social sharing.

Their features help you encourage visitors to share your brand on social media and email by building strong customer relationships using loyalty programs, comments, and reviews to build trust and increase conversion rates with user-generated content.

Growave Shopify App.

5. Google Shopping Feed

Recommended for: Using Google Shopping to bring in more customers

Price: $4.99/month for up to 500 products

Rating: 4.9 (268 reviews)

We all love Google, and this lets you get your products out there while saving on Google ads. Try it and see if it helps your sales.

Google Shopping Feed Shopify App.

6. Frequently Bought Together

Recommended for: Creating customer-specific product recommendations

Price: Free 30-day trial and $6.99/month

Rating: 4.9 (671 reviews)

This does a few things, but what you really want to get out of it is the accurate recommendations feature. This encourages users to put more items into their cart that they might have otherwise got from a different store. It is a trademark tool of e-commerce platforms like Amazon. It is one of the most highly-ranked bundling tools on Shopify, and hundreds of sellers attest to the fact that it increases how much is spent in your store, so is well-worth the subscription fee.

Shopify app which displays frequently bought together items.

7. Countdown Cart

Recommended for: Encouraging sales by telling customers about limited offers

Price: $6.99/month

Rating: 4.8 (7,045 reviews)

Among the most powerful Shopify apps to boost sales. Great for letting your customers know how long a promotion will last or count down to an event or sale. Be careful not to overuse it, however, as customers will get tired of constantly seeing a ticking clock.

Shopify app which adds a countdown timer, in order to create a sense of urgency.

8. Privy – Exit Pop Ups and More

Recommended for: Creating highly convertible exit pop-ups.

Price: Different plans from Free to $299/month.

Rating: 4.7 (17,026 reviews)

Privy is designed to help your site’s conversion rate, meaning the amount of visitors who you become customers. Privy offers tools such as banners, flyouts, and pop ups that can be used to showcase special offers and other nice things.

These keep users on your site and improve your lead value, making it one of the most useful and best paid Shopify apps.

It offers the chance to pay some money, to greatly increase the profitability of your site. If it doesn’t work, you don’t have to stick with it.

The free plan offers all the above, but the paid plans lets you track your sites numbers and see if each part of your site is having the intended effect of increasing customer sign-ups.

Shopify app which enables high converting exit pop ups.

9. Sales Pop – Sales Notification

Recommended for: Increasing sales by showing customer other popular items

Price: Free

Rating: 4.8 (15,097 reviews)

This apps lets visitors know what other customers have bought recently. It draws customers’ attention to what’s hot on your site and makes them feel more comfortable to buy it themselves. This is because if we know other people are buying something we feel more inclined to. Another cool thing is that they have festive themes for these notifications so it’s great for the Christmas shopping season.

Most popular Shopify app for displaying a sales pop notification.

10. Bold Upsell – Upsell Smarter

Recommended for: Offering discounted additional products that customers can add to their cart

Price: 30-day free trial, then $9.99 or $19.99 for a small business plan

Rating: 4.7 (1,157 reviews)

Suggests additional and complementary products for what the customer is ordering. It allows your customer to find related products easily. They may not have realized your store does other things they need too. This gives your store Amazonian powers, at a low cost.

Shopify app for product up-sell, cross-sell, and smart up-sell.

11. Social Sharing Buttons

Recommended for: Improving communication through social shares and messaging buttons.

Price: From Free to $49.99/month for the Platinum Plan

Rating: 4.8 (535 reviews)

Nowadays, it’s mandatory to have a social media presence. This app enables you to acquire more social shares and followers for your website and social accounts. Trusted by 10,000's of Shopify merchants, it also allows you to add social messaging options and QR codes like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber, Line and Telegram.

Shopify app for product up-sell, corss-sell and smart up-sell.

12. Instagram shop by Snapppt

Recommended for: Shoppable galleries, UGC, finding influencers and building communities

Price: Free

Rating: 4.8 (658 reviews)

Instagram is another must-have for any business these days. The editing capabilities of Instagram allows you to post professional-looking photos quickly and cheaply. Using this app, you can integrate your Instagram galleries with your Shopify website pages. If a customer sees something they like, they can click on the image and be directed to a sales page.

Shopify App for creating a shoppable Instagram gallery

13. Back in Stock: Customer Alerts

Recommended for: Notifying customers when products are back in stock

Price: Free 14-day free trial and $19/month

Rating: 4.9 (223 reviews)

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting visitors to your site, only for them to never return because an item was out of stock. Back in Stock allows customers to sign up to receive alerts, either via email or SMS text message. This keeps customers interested in your products and encourages them to return to your site to make a purchase.

Shopify app which enables sharing blog posts automatically. 

14. Outfy ‑ Social Media Promotion

Recommended for: Enhancing the social reach of your store.

Price: Free / $0.25 per post

Rating: 4.8 (791 reviews)

Outfy helps you to promote your products on 12 social media networks, seamlessly reaching thousands of potential customers.

Shopify app which enhances social reach.

15. Facebook Messenger Marketing

Recommended for: Connecting with your customers

Price: Free

Rating: 5.0 (608 reviews)

Allows you to disseminate information, solve customer queries, and sell more through the Facebook messenger app. Another useful official app from Shopify.

Shopify app which enhances social reach.

16. Experiences App

Recommended for: Managing tickets, tours, classes, and events put on by your business

Price: 15-day trial, $29/month

Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)

Engage with your customers, create new fans, and give them cool experiences.

This app allows you to take communicating with your fans and customers into the real world. Experiences takes bookings for your events online and serves as a separate POS system for ticketed events. You can create and manage events like tours and classes within this app. Maybe local customers would like the chance to try their hand at leather-working, ice-cream making, or almost any other craft.

Facebook Messenger Shopify App.

17. Live Search

Recommended for: Making searches on your site more responsive and user-friendly

Price: 5-day free trial, and $5.99/month

Rating: 4.9 (103 reviews)

This app provides users with instant search suggestions as they type into your Shopify’s search box. This makes the experience of searching for products on your store so much more pleasant, as the site feels responsive. Customers really value fast and efficient solutions to their problems. Small details like this are what prevents would-be customers from clicking away.

Shopify app for managing tickets, bookings and events.

18. Product Reviews

Recommended for: Effortlessly integrating customer reviews into your store page

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5 (1,050 reviews)

A top pick for new Shopify users to help promote their store. You can also use it to post customer reviews you have already received. These reviews go straight to your Shopify storefront, which will improve customer trust in your product and give well-rated products a boost.

Positive reviews are a great way people use to make a purchase decision. This app also adds SEO-friendly review scores to Google search results, which will help get more people to your Shopify store.

Shopify app for improving the live search experience.

19. BEST Currency Converter

Recommended for: Changing your store’s set currency depending on the country it’s accessed from

Price: Free for up to five currencies

Rating: 4.8 (4,041 reviews)

Make it easy for overseas customers. Products and invoices appearing in your customer’s own currency makes their shopping experience easier. The free version lets you add five currencies, which can cover all bases for a lot of sellers.

Those selling in many countries, for example in the Asian market might benefit from the Elite plan at less than 10 dollars a month.

Add various currencies to your Shopify store.

20. Quick Announcement Bar

Recommended for: Making customized and targeted announcement bars

Price: Free or $9.99/month for Premium

Rating: 4.9 (3,020 reviews)

Announcement bars are a tried-and-tested way of spiking customer interest in your products by offering discounts, events, or trial periods. The Quick Announcement Bar app lets you put a clean and simple announcement bar at the top of your website. It’s targeting features can automatically change the message based on country or social media.

Product Reviews Shopify App.

21. Free Trust Badge

Recommended for: Making your payment page look more secure and professional

Price: Free

Rating: 4.9 (255 reviews)

This is the app for making your customers more at ease with paying online. These icons bring your payment page in line with industry standards. Be honest – would you think twice about inputting your card details if you were a customer on your site? These badges put customers at ease because your Shopify site is secure - it looks the part and does the job.

Add various currencies to your Shopify store. 

22. Flair Product Badges and Labels

Recommended for: Adding eye-catching descriptive badges to product listings

Price: $19/month (after 15-day free trial)

Rating: 5.0 (50 reviews)

Label your products with monthly “Staff Picks”, “Best-seller” and other tags that lead to more sales. Let customers know if products are almost out of stock or about new arrivals and sales (e.g. 20% off). This makes your page look more dynamic, and is proven to increase revenue. Think about it, who can resist a sale?

Flair badges and labels for your Shopify store.

23. Blog Studio

Recommended for: Adding a fully-functional blog to your store page

Price: $14.95/month (after a 15-day free trial)

Rating: 4.5 (137 reviews)

Run a blog out of your Shopify store. Blogs are a great tool for communicating with your customers. You can promote new products, educate, entertain and use it to build a community around your product. Blog Studio uses a modular, visual system – no coding or tech knowledge needed.

Blog Studio Shopify App.     

24. Gift Cards, Loyalty & Rewards

Recommended for: Gift cards, loyalty programs, and store credit

Price: $29.99 (after a free 7-day trial)

Rating: 4.9 (223 reviews)

Gift cards, loyalty cards, and reward programs for your Shopify store.

25. Glew: Multichannel Analytics

Recommended for: E-commerce analytics

Price: 10-day free trail and $199/month

Rating: 4.9 (29 reviews)

Analyze all your data and sales from all your sales channels from one dashboard. Easily identify your most valuable customers, maximize your ROI from marketing, manage your products for more profitably, grow your subscribers, and lower your churn.

Glew has 40+ integrations with apps and platforms such as Shopify, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and ReCharge.

Glew Shopify app for analytics.

26. Lucky Orange

Recommended for: Tracking usability of your site

Price: From $10/month

Rating: 4.6 (243 reviews)

This app lets you track your site visitors mouse movements when they visit your store.

It allows you to assess how users interact with your site. This may seem a bit strange, but you can gain lots of useful information. Do they seem confused or lost? Does anything put them off? You can use this insight to improve your customers’ experience. It is a powerful tool – use it wisely.

Shopify app for analyzing users’ behavior — Lucky Orange. 

27. Google Analytics

Recommended for: Tracking almost everything about your Shopify store

Price: Free and paid plans available

Rating: Trusted by millions

This is not found in the Shopify App Store, but can be set up with your Google account directly.

It has free and paid plans and offers many powerful ways to track the way visitor behave on your store

28. SEO Image Optimizer

Recommended for: Boosting Google rankings of your store’s images

Price: Free

Rating: 4.7 (5,983 reviews)

This is one of the most popular Shopify apps for optimizing your images to improve their Google ranking.

The easy-to-use template system lets you input the key words you want to include. The more relevant and descriptive of your product the better.

SEO Image Optimizer. 

29. Klaviyo: Marketing Automation

Recommended for: Email marketing

Price: Free (up to 250 contacts).

Rating: 4.5 (367 reviews)

Many seller’s number one app for enhancing their marketing.

When a customer signs up on your site, they become a contact. Klaviyo lets you manage and optimize the process of creating email campaigns. You can also track the value you get from keeping and maintaining an informed contact list of potential customers.

Perfect for small businesses to get their message out.

Ecommerce email marketing. 

30. Smile: Rewards and Loyalty

Recommended for: Reward points system to keep customers coming back

Price: Free or $50/month

Rating: 4.8 (3,083 reviews)

Smile lets you run a loyalty points and referral program for your customers. This is an ideal way to retain customers, as they feel valued and respected.

The referral program motivates customers to let their friends and family know about your great products.

Shopify app for rewards and loyalty programs.

31. Recart Messenger Marketing

Recommended for: Notifying customers about abandoned carts through Facebook messenger

Price: $29/month

Rating: 4.8 (5026 reviews)

Recart helps you market your business through Facebook Messenger. Around 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day. The ubiquity of Facebook Messenger means that using it properly can be a powerful tool to gain and convert customers. The cart abandonment feature that comes with Recart makes your store more shoppable as it gives customers the opportunity to carry on with a started order, rather than begin again.

Recart Shopify App.

32. Consistent Cart

Recommended for: Keeping carts active when the customer changes device

Price: Free, Pro version depends on the sales it generates

Rating: 4.8 (2,404 reviews)

The free version lets you monitor customer activity on Facebook, so you can see what is working for you. The cart sync feature lets users make changes to their cart across multiple devices.

The Consistent Cart pro version is a bundle of apps that augment your Facebook sales channel. It includes the core features of the previous app, with several more, promising to increase your sales “by up to 300%”.

Consistent Cart Shopify App. 

33. Clever Google Adwords

Recommended for: Improving the Google ranking of your site’s text

Price: Free, $49/month, $99/month

Rating: 4.5 (742 reviews)

Google Adwords levels the playing field between small and big businesses. Clever Google Adwords makes this technology usable without any know-how in this area. This is a way to boost people visiting your site who are looking for your product on Google. It even boasts technology based on machine learning to optimize your store so its picked by Google’s algorithms to be higher in search rankings.

Clever Google Advords Shopify.

34. JSON-LD for SEO

Recommended for: Making your Google search result more clickable

Price: $69 one-time charge

Rating: 5.0 (271 reviews)

Another SEO tool, this one helps your store appear in a more appealing way in search engines. Your name, URL, and site descriptions will appear in an optimized way that is the gold-standard for encouraging people to click on it. This increases your click-through rate by showing extra info like prices and reviews on Google search results.

JSON-LD for SEO Shopify App. 

35. MailChimp Forms

Recommended for: Growing MailChimp list with exit intent popups and coupons

Price: Free and $14.99/month

Rating: 4.5 (1,151)

MailChimp Forms by MailMunch allows you to collect emails of store visitors for email marketing campaigns later. MailMuch gives you the tools to add popups, scroll boxes, embedded and top bars, everything you could want to expand your subscriber list. Best of all, you can customize and design any of these elements for each of your pages, and design them to match your Shopify store.

Mailchimp Forms Shopify App. 

36. Wheelio – Gamified Pop Up

Recommended for: Keeping customers on your site with something different

Price: $14.92/month, $54.92/month

Rating: 4.8 (403 reviews)

A site pop-up with a difference! Wheelio lets your customer play a little wheel of fortune game based on your product. Customer reviews claim that is gets customers more interested in your product and is more engaging than a plain text pop-up.

Wheelio Shopify App.

37. Shoelace: Retargeting Journeys

Recommended for: Personalized ads on your site

Price: Free + Facebook ad spend

Rating: 4.7 (337 reviews)

Site ads personalized to the visitor. This targeting gets potential customers looking at products that they are more likely to be interested in.

Shoelace Shopify App.

38. Covet.pics

Recommended for: Creating customizable product galleries

Price: Free - $49.99/month

Rating: 4.9 (251 reviews)

This app lets you create themed galleries based on complementary collections of your products. You choose the layout and content and Covet.pics build you an “aspirational” gallery which inspires customers to try out your products. A neat in-built feature connects your galleries with your shop pages, so customers can immediately buy products that catch their eye.

Covet Shopify App.

39. BlogFeeder

Recommended for: Feeding your blog into your Shopify store

Price: 7-day free trial then $5.99/month

Rating: 4.7 (330 reviews)

Blogs are a useful way of building up a following of people interested in what you do.

They can really help promote your business as well as disseminate news and information to existing and potential customers alike. BlogFeeder allows you to sync your blog directly to your Shopify store. Import all blog posts, generate customer interest, and improve your store’s Google ranking too.

BlogFeeder Shopify App.

40. Related Blog Posts

Recommended for: Encouraging customers to read more in your blog

Price: Free

Rating: 4.9 (163 reviews)

Little details can really enhance the readability of your blog. This app lets you suggest related posts at the end of your Shopify store blog posts. This means visitors are more likely to read on and get even more interested in your products.

41. WhatShare

Recommended for: Sharing Your Products on WhatsApp

Price: Free with optional paid extras

Rating: 4.8 (303 reviews)

We know you can’t spend a fortune on advertising. WhatShare allows your customers to advertise your products for you. It makes it easy for customers to recommend your products on WhatsApp to their friends and family. You can also do it if you engage with customers on WhatsApp. It’s an intimate and personalized way to recommend your products and a free way to gain some extra sales.

WhatShare Shopify App.

42. Seller Panda – Email Signatures

Recommended for: Creating beautiful and clickable email sign-offs

Price: Free

Rating: 4.8 (134 reviews)

So you have your email marketing, and customer lists set up and automated with the apps listed above. Why not add a professional finishing touch that acts as a mini call-to-action for email recipients?

Seller Panda lets you add a clean and crisp auto-sign off that is added to all your emails. You can create different templates for different contacts and include all your social media tags.

Seller Panda. 

43. Shippo – Cheap and Easy Shipping

Recommended for: Discounted shipping with major providers

Price: Pay as You Go ($0.05 per label)

Rating: 4.6 (426 reviews)

Effective shipping - track and ship orders through Shopify. Let your customers know the progress of order deliveries. Get discounts with UPS, DHL, FedEx, and many others.

Shippo Shopify App.

44. AfterShip – Track + Engage

Recommended for: Tracking and letting customers know the status of their delivery

Price: Specific pay by use charges

Ratings: 4.8 (2,721 reviews)

Keep customers updated with the progress of their shipped orders by sending automatic, customizable emails. This is a great customer service feature that your customers will appreciate.

Shopify Shipping Tracking app.

45. Tidio Live Chat

Recommended for: Solving customer questions over a reliable chat system

Price: Free, $15/month

Rating: 4.8 (651 reviews)

An independent live chat feature on your Shopify store complete with a bot that can automatically reply to FAQs. Simply set the queries and answers and save hours spent on responding to customer queries.

Tidio Shopify App.

46. JivoChat Business Live Chat

Recommended for: Live chat on social media and email for Shopify

Price: Free and $19/month

Rating: 4.6 (86 reviews)

Get live chat not just on your Shopify website, but JivoChat supports clients on Facebook, messages to your company’s email address, and accepts calls to a phone number in any country all from one place. This tool allows you to start a conversation in email and move it over to Facebook Messenger if a customer would prefer that. Improve your customer's satisfaction rates by integrating JivoChat with Ecwid, Wix, Bigcommerce, Pipedrive, AmoCRM, ZohoCRM, GoDaddy, Joomla, Prestashop, Drupal, Weebly, and Squarespace.

JivoChat Shopify App.

47. Disable Right Click

Recommended for: Protecting your text and images from copycats

Price: Free, $1.99/month

Rating: 4.8 (28 reviews)

This app helps stop people stealing the content on your Shopify store. Its best feature is that it stops people from copying and pasting your images from Google images. Protect your awesome images and content.

Disable Right Click Shopify App. 

48. Shop Protector

Recommended for: Protecting your store from bogus accounts

Price: $4.99/month

Rating: 4.9 (24 reviews)

As your Shopify store grows, it may attract spam account creation and fraudulent activity. Shop Protector increases the protection on your store, and reduces the time wasted from sorting through accounts.

Shop Protector Shopify App. 

49. Tax Jar Sales Tax Automation

Recommended for: Applying location-specific taxes to orders

Price: 30-day free trial then $19/month

Rating: 4.7 (78 reviews)

Say you’re a manufacturer based in the US who often gets online orders from other states. This app allows you to set the tax rates for your shipping destinations and automatically adds it for each sale.

Online Sales Tax Shopify App.

50. OptiMonk

Recommended for: Exit intent pop ups, messenger and email popups

Price: 14-day free trial, then from $29/month to $399/month

Rating: 4.8 (130 reviews)

OptiMonk helps you capture more subscribers, reduce cart abandonment rate and increase cart value. It helps to grab your visitors’ attention without annoying them, by displaying a targeted offer.

optimonk dashboard

Conclusion – How Shopify Apps Help Your Online Store 


That was our definitive list of the most useful Shopify apps for modern manufacturers in 2020.

This list will be updated as new apps come out, so you can keep checking back here for the most up-to-date compendium of Shopify-enhancing applications.  

A few final points to help you on your Shopify journey: 

Don’t be put off by prices. Almost all the apps recommended here are free or have a free option, so you can test them out and decide whether they’re useful for your business or not.

There is some overlap between what Shopify apps do. Many apps come in bundles and have lots of features thrown in to entice more users. If it seems like we have recommended two different apps for the same thing, read the description carefully. This is because these apps usually excel in one particular thing.  

There’s no need to rush into anything. Trying to download all of these Shopify apps at once might be confusing and you’ll probably miss out on the most useful features. Instead, try integrating one at a time. Decide what would help your store the most, download it, and try it out.

Don’t overdo it. Every app you have should be doing something positive for your site, not bogging you down. Ensure you don’t add too many pop ups, widgets or banners, as you’ll distract the visitor.

Shopify Ebook

One last thing…

…if you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments below! Tell us about your experiences with Shopify and e-commerce.

Or maybe you would like to recommend an amazing Shopify app that we forgot to mention.

We would love to hear from you!

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