Shopify Order Management System for Manufacturers

Manage your Shopify order fulfilment effortlessly with Katana MRP. Never lose track with an order management system (OMS) synced with Shopify for automated booking and streamlined production processes.

Shopify Order Management System for Manufacturers

Manage your Shopify order fulfilment effortlessly with Katana MRP. Never lose track with an order management system (OMS) synced with Shopify for automated booking and streamlined production processes.

Shopify Order Management System for Manufacturers


Shopify Order Management System for Manufacturers


Why Manage Shopify Orders with Katana?

An order management system (OMS) is a tool that helps you with tracking sales, orders, and inventory. Industries use OMS's for order processing, usually in the form of computer software. Katana MRP Software allows manufacturers around the world manage Shopify order fulfilment seamlessly.
Automatic Booking Engine
The unique auto-booking system means available products and materials are allocated to orders. This makes it easy to track an order's progress and purchase material if running low, helping you ensure order fulfillment.
Sales Orders Fulfilment Sync
Syncing sales order status for fulfilled/delivered sales orders removes the need for double entry and keeps all product inventory reductions related to sales activities shared between your Shopify store and your Katana order management system.
Smooth Production Processes
You can reprioritize important orders you wish to expedite and the smart booking engine will reallocate material and products to achieve this. All easy to monitor with a visual dashboard.

How Does Katana MRP Work?

Katana MRP is a Shopify order management system, which gives you greater freedom and control by making your manufacturing, inventory management, purchasing, and sales all accessible.

No more getting lost in a mountain of inefficient spreadsheets.

Powerful, yet simple - Katana gives you an overview of your entire business and tracks production and orders in real-time.

How to Connect Shopify with Katana?

By selecting “Integrations” in the “Settings” screen, you can find an option to connect your Shopify account with Katana.

Simply type in the name of your Shopify store you wish to use, set-up your configurations and start pushing your sale orders into Katana. It's really that simple.

Start Your Free Trial

If you are a Shopify seller and also a scaling manufacturer you must give Katana a try. Take your Shopify order management to the next level today!

+500 Manufacturers Who Sell on Shopify Love Katana

Katana is a unique Shopify order management system, developed by manufacturers, for manufacturers. We noticed the lack of solutions for small businesses looking to improve Shopify order fulfillment, floor-level management, and wanting to ditch inventory spreadsheets. By providing all of this, plus cross-platform integration, sellers have found managing orders on Shopify a breeze and believe Katana has been an integral part of their business's growth.
“As our business has grown, it's been more and more difficult and time consuming to track raw material inventory. Katana allows us to easily see exactly how much raw material we have on hand. We also rely on the app to track finished good inventory and to create our daily production schedule. I also love how it tells us our profit margins for each individual fragrance (we make candles!). It integrates well with our bundles and sample packs too!”
Owner, Kelsey Huelsenbeck
Candle manufacturing
“Katana is an excellent solution for small manufactures who sell directly on Shopify. From the raw materials to the sale of the final product, Katana manages and tracks every detail so you don’t have to.”
Owner, Tim Waggoner
Eyewear manufacturing
“We are very happy with Katana, it has been instrumental in moving our small business away from spreadsheets to manage our inventory levels. The system is built very elegantly, allowing for flexibility and excellent traceability. Great overview of manufacturing orders, progress and stock levels to prevent any out of stock situations. The support team are very responsive and knowledgeable.”
Owner, Karen Rullo

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General FAQs

What is order management?

Order management is the process of tracking and managing orders to make sure that they are being fulfilled efficiently. The aim is to ensure customers get their products on time, whilst businesses save on costs and resources in their order fulfillment.

What does a Shopify order management system do?

A Shopify OMS will manage your inventory digitally, and provide you with the tools to do so with real-time accuracy. Many of these systems are in sync with your Shopify orders, removing the need to manually adjust the data.

Does Shopify manage inventory?

Shopify allows you to manage finished products, but lacks the capability to track raw materials and product recipes. This makes it unsuitable for most manufacturers, many of whom turn to Shopify order management apps for solutions.

How do I manage orders on Shopify?

You can manage orders on Shopify via the ‘Orders’ page on your Shopify account, but Shopify offers integration with order management apps for better management. Shopify integrates with many apps and services to help you manage your sales orders efficiently.

Do I need a Shopify order management app?

As a manufacturer the answer is most likely a yes. With the right app you will be able to improve your order management, inventory management, production scheduling and material purchasing. Without it, you might find yourself lacking the time and resources to grow your business effectively.
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