The Best Quickbooks MRP for Ambitious Manufacturers

“This software has saved me nearly $20,000 in annual payroll. THAT is how much time it has saved us: 20 hours a week of counting, spreadsheeting, ordering and fixing mistakes. Now that I have Katana, I can’t live without it.”
— Kelly Costello, Puppy Cake CEO
Katana has been specifically designed for the needs of modern manufacturers who want to scale.
Finished Goods & Material Availability
Katana takes available raw materials and automatically allocates them to production orders, as well as finished goods to sales orders. Built in batch traceability with expiry date tracking allows you to use the right stock at the right time – at the best quality. Real-time updates of inventory and operations, and complete order fulfillment at your fingertips.
Bill of Materials (Product Recipes)
You can create a specific bill of materials (or product recipe) for each product and product variant. Plus you can add both materials and subassemblies to your recipes. Based on your bill of materials, Katana will make automatic inventory adjustments, calculate manufacturing costs and check the availability of materials for manufacturing orders.
Priority-Based Production Planning
With Katana’s unique manufacturing tracking system, you can simply drag-and-drop to prioritize manufacturing orders. The priority of manufacturing orders affects material availability and production deadline calculations. Stay in control of your operations and never miss a deadline again.
Multichannel Sales Support
Centralize all your sales orders into one visual dashboard and gain multi-channel inventory visibility. Track the status of manufacturing orders at multiple locations and inventory levels at different warehouses.
Shop Floor Level Control
Track floor level operations digitally with the Katana shop floor mobile app and establish paperless tracking. Katana allows you to prioritize the task list for every operator and production line, with built-in time tracking. Create and manage shop floor operators from your MRP. Retain control of production progress for MOs with shop floor task progress (WIP) updated directly in your MRP.
Updates in Real-Time
Quickly get an overview of tasks in progress (WIP) with automatic order updates in real time directly in your MRP. Removing the need for daily or weekly basic status updates and inefficient spreadsheets. Get multichannel inventory visibility and manage various sales channels in one easy-to-use, visual platform.

Use our Quickbooks MRP system to streamline your accounting, inventory, production and sales.

Katana has been designed by manufacturers for manufacturers.

Our highly visual, color-coded dashboard allows you to have an entire overview of your business in one place.

That means that you have a seamless flow between all elements of your workflow, including your accounting, so that you can solely focus on growing your business.

Simply follow your order fulfillment process from start to finish, and with a single click of a button you can send your invoices to Quickbooks.

Check out our video to see how the Quickbooks integration works in Katana!

Quickbooks is great for your finances, but what about manufacturing?

Accounting is an integral part of your business, but it certainly isn’t everything. And what Quickbooks lacks in running your business, Katana delivers. By removing stoppages related to your inventory, production and sales, Katana literally makes your business unstoppable. Our Quickbooks MRP software optimizes your:
Production planning
Manufacturing-level control
Sales order fulfillment
Inventory management
Purchasing planning
Portfolio management
Business contacts management

Leave Your Ugly Spreadsheets Behind

Katana is the only QuickBooks MRP solution which aims to totally rid you of Excel inefficiencies. Now you can focus on doing what you do best, manufacturing awesome products.

Seamless integrations with popular online services.

From accounting to e-commerce.


500+ modern manufacturers around the world trust Katana
Grand Work Piano Tech Testimonial of Katana MRP
Finally, Katana.
”Over the last eight years, I have used a series of inventory programs for my small manufacturing and sales business. It takes a lot to migrate to a new platform and each move was an improvement. But Katana, finally, is exactly what I need. Intuitive, no bells and whistles I don't need, a system that forces me (entices me) into best practices. Katana is one of my best assets!”
Owner, Chris Brown
Piano Tech
Caesar Squeezers Testimonial of Katana MRP
Solved my inventory issues.
”Katana solved my inventory issues right away. The seamless Quickbooks invoicing integration makes it simple to generate invoices. I save hours a day with Katana. I can't recommend it highly enough.”
Owner, Shawn Lee
Food and Beverage
Range Leather Testimonial of Katana MRP
Best software I use for my business.
”Katana is absolutely amazing and has streamlined so many of our process. We do all our production, inventory and invoicing through QuickBooks on Katana. The software is so powerful, well worth the price and the customer service is so good. The team even made video for me walking me through some of the difficulties I was having.”
Owner, Kyle Koster
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