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Walk with Me customer story with Katana

Walk With Me Replaces Excel with Katana and Improves Material Inventory Control by 65%

Through contemporary design and local production, Walk With Me offers stunning leather backpacks, shoulder bags, stationery and accessories. Their designs have minimalism and utility at their core, aiming to marry fashion and functionality.
Paper Republic customer story with Katana

Paper Republic Improves Production Planning by 60% with Katana

Started in 2013, Paper Republic manufacture their own leather journals and accessories. As every entrepreneur was working on developing apps, founder Jérôme Bacquias decided to take a more traditional approach and invested in paper.
PuppyCake customer story with Katana

Puppy Cake Has Total Control of Their Operations and Inventory with Katana

Puppy Cake produces treats for your beloved pets for special occasions or just because you want to spoil them. According to Kelly, their biggest issue with manufacturing was forecasting ingredients purchasing and labor planning for several weeks out.
Natural Native customer story with Katana

Natural Native Gets 80% Productivity Boost by Planning Production with Katana

Natural Native is a manufacturing company that produces cannabis-infused products. Put your tie-dye t-shirts and your Fleetwood Mac albums back where you found them because you’ve got the wrong idea.
MakeSense customer story with Katana

Maksense Knows Exactly When to Purchase More Materials with Katana

The aim of Maksense has been to help laboratories become more efficient, by making them do less. They have come up with brilliant technologies to keep test tubes organized in an intuitive, smart and simple way.


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Carved testimonial of Katana MRP
“Katana allows us visibility, efficiency, and productivity on every order from the time it is received in our system right through to the customers doorstep.”
Stella Soomlais Design testimonial of Katana MRP
“We don’t miss spreadsheets one bit after finding Katana. It feels good to be on top of your inventory. Both raw and made products.”
Viks Bikes testimonial of Katana MRP
“Syncing sales orders and production used to be the hardest part of our business. Now it’s the easiest. Besides, the software is surprisingly easy to set up.”