Katana MRP Honored by FinancesOnline.com

Katana MRP inventory and production management app has been awarded by FinancesOnline.com. 

The Great User Experience award is an honor and a sign of moving in the right direction in the world of ERPs and MRPs. We will continue to work for our users - small manufacturers, makers and crafters. 

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Oliver VesiComment
What is Bill of Materials?

Specifying in detail how the products are getting made is essential for every manufacturer, it really ties the room together so to speak. Sometimes Bill of Materials (BOM) is also referred as Production Recipe, Assembly Component List etc. In this post, we are looking at Manufacturing BOM.

While searching for the illustration for the blog entry I came to realize that we are basically talking about the DNA helix of the product. Maybe not the exact analogy but it will bring the idea across, plus it solved my problem with ugly Bill of Materials pictures. 

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Priit KaasikComment