#1 Bill of Materials Software for Small Manufacturers

“This software has saved me nearly $20,000 in annual payroll. THAT is how much time it has saved us: 20 hours a week of counting, spreadsheeting, ordering and fixing mistakes. Now that I have Katana, I can’t live without it.”

— Kelly Costello, Puppy Cake CEO


Katana’s bill of materials software is designed for small manufacturers by small manufacturers.


Automatic Inventory Adjustments

Katana's bill of materials software makes automatic inventory adjustments based on the list of materials for a product, when you create and complete manufacturing orders.


Manufacturing Cost Calculations

The manufacturing cost of a product includes materials, subassemblies, and production operations costs. It is automatically calculated based on the quantity used and the average cost of the materials in stock.


Raw Materials Availability

When creating manufacturing orders, you can immediately see whether the required ingredients are in stock. If not available, you can create purchase orders for materials or manufacturing orders for sub-assemblies.


Use BOM for production scheduling, manufacturing cost calculations, and purchasing.

Katana is the best small business bill of materials software out there. What’s more? It’s also the most affordable one.

Its intuitive interface, visual dashboard, and smart auto-booking system make it easy to use, yet essential for business growth.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to create a bill of materials (BOM) in Katana!


Stop Making Spreadsheets, Start Making Products

Ditch the old spreadsheets and take your business to the next level with Katana, the best bill of materials software for makers just like you!



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