Get all the help you need to start manufacturing with Katana

Katana's guided implementation services for Advanced and Professional plans help you make the most of Katana in the fastest, most efficient way possible. Here's how.
Katana manufacturing resource planning software helps you implement JIT

How guided implementation services save you time and money

Katana customers that go through guided implementation get set up 2-3 times faster than those that don't and are twice as likely to succeed in the long term.

Technical advice from experts

Get data migration and Katana API consultation, data and workflow coaching, and full assistance with your account configurations.

Save your team hours of work

Katana is built to be self-onboardable, but having onboarding experts at your side will get things moving faster and more efficiently.


Bespoke product training

Get personalized training on the Katana workflows and features that would benefit your business most — and how to set them up for your business.

Get all the attention you need

Along with an Onboarding Manager guiding you through implementation, a dedicated Customer Success Manager will also be there afterward to help you in the long run.
Guided Implementation

For Advanced and Professional subscriptions

We understand that growing businesses and large-scale manufacturers need advanced solutions to manage complex processes. This is why our Guided Implementation package is mandatory for Advanced and Professional plans.

Implementation package pricing and details:

  • A $400 one-time fee when signing up for Katana
  • Live online video sessions with a dedicated Onboarding Manager
  • Up to 10 hours of consultation and coaching
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