See and Make Changes to Completed Tasks in Any Given Period

You can now easily see your completed operations under the Done task list, to help you track completed production runs, from any given period. 🕵️

This allows you or your managers planning production the possibility to see operation completion times, to understand the status of completed tasks, while also having a real-time overview of in-progress tasks.

Done list within Katana MRP.
Done list within Katana MRP. 

How to Check Completed Tasks?

Depending on if you’re on the Essential or PRO plan, you can access different functions via the done lists.

1. Log into Katana, head to the Make screen, select the Tasks tab, and finally open the Done list;

2. At this screen, you can see your completed tasks from the last 7 days. At the top right of the screen, you can redefine the period in which you want to view completed tasks; and

3. Also, if a task is marked as completed by mistake, you can revert the status to Not started or In progress.

However, if you’re on the PRO plan, you can access the completed tasks, and your operators can access view their own completed tasks from their smart devices.

Katana’s mobile shop floor app.

Nice and easy, right?

This latest update is going to help you manage your bookkeeping more easily.

You can read more about how the feature works in the Knowledge Base article.

If you have any questions or suggestions for what you’d like to see in future updates, feel free to get in touch and let us know.

And until next time, happy manufacturing.