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Streamline your business with ERP metal fabrication software

As a manufacturing business, ensuring smooth operations should be of the highest importance. Metal fabrication software by Katana gives you the opportunity to make it happen. Learn more about the benefits of ERP software, and why it can help take your business to the next level.


Getting your products to customers faster

Katana supports your workflows no matter your industry with the features and seamless integrations you need to manage your business how you want.

Inventory management

Get real-time inventory insights of all your items and optimize your inventory levels based on demand.

  • Inventory management
  • Reorder points
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Multilocation support
  • Multichannel inventory
  • Product availability

Purchase management

Issue purchase orders for supplies and materials in Katana that are delivered directly to your warehouse or contract manufacturer.

  • Order management
  • Reorder points
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Flexible unit purchasing
  • Multicurrency
  • Purchasing insights

Sales order management

Consolidate all your online and offline sales channels and data into a single view for total omnichannel support.

  • Sales order management
  • Traceability
  • Partial shipping and invoicing
  • Sales insights
  • Multicurrency
  • E-commerce integrations

Planning and forecasting

Make better data-driven decisions as Katana automates your inventory planning — using historical data to predict future demand.

  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Flexible inventory control
  • Smart replenishment planning

Production management

Optimize your production and decrease lead times based on your bill of materials and operations data.

  • Real-time planning
  • Shop Floor App
  • Manufacturing costs
  • MTS and MTO workflows
  • BOM and subassemblies
  • Ingredient availability

Cloud accounting

Get your inventory and accounting data in sync to better understand your business’s finances.

  • Accounting integrations
  • Accurate costing
  • Sales order management
  • Katana Insights
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase order management

Warehouse management

Katana’s Warehouse add-on gives you all the information you need to optimize workflows and improve picking routes.

  • Bin locations
  • Traceability
  • Label printing
  • Barcode scanning
  • Stocktake
  • Warehouse app

Organizing your business without manufacturing software is no longer a feasible option

With the recent rise in direct-to-consumer steel fabrication, manufacturing businesses are facing a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there are more opportunities to reach untapped markets than ever before – on the other, competition is fierce, and unless innovation is at the forefront, getting left in the dirt is a real possibility. ERP software, as such, helps manufacturers manage, scale, and ensure priorities are met through an easy to use solution.

Metal fabrication software ensures full inventory visibility

One of the largest challenges for a business is foolproof and accurate inventory management – especially in conjunction with keeping price ranges competitive. A manufacturing software solution like Katana is designed to give your company an inexpensive but supreme-quality tool to track, manage, and audit your inventory. 

Katana gives you the ability to tap into your full inventory at the click of a button – this includes tracking items, stock, and material costs, thus ensuring that you always have the right amount of raw material available for production at any one time.

Metal fabrication software provides your business with live alerts when new products need to be manufactured, or when your raw material levels are getting low – this way you can always be prepared to replace diminishing stocks before they run out completely.

ERP software like Katana allows you to:

  • Utilize priority-based material requirements planning – therefore avoiding stockouts
  • Keep track of on-hand, committed, and expected stock levels
  • Manage and organize product and material variants in one place
  • Monitor resources and inventory across various warehouses

Eradicate waste and save money with metal fabrication software

Fabrication manufacturers often face similar problems; retention rates fluctuating, price ranges doing the same – ensuring a streamlined flow of raw materials and goods helps your avoid holding on too long to a certain product, or letting go of it when you may need it the most.

Manufacturing software provides you with the tools you need to accurately manage your resources and complete orders without ending up with leftover items – allowing your job costs to come crashing down. Integrate this software with hundreds of leading e-commerce and accounting tools, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for growth.

Katana’s fully-integrated solution makes it simple to:

  • Connect enterprise resource planning ERP software with your manufacturing business
  • Track your production process and manufacturing costs based on your bill of materials (BOM)
  • Keep your eye on product cost and lead times without the need for manual data entry
  • Make accurate pricing judgments based on your product margins

Metal fabrication software improves enterprise resource planning planning

ERP software for fabrication businesses is designed to help manufacturers streamline their operations and run much more efficiently – in part thanks to its ability to provide inventory control, as well as manage resources while delivering essential planning capabilities.

Manual data entry is always a risky move – it only takes one or two small typos to cause a big problem. By synching your business with Katana, you secure yourself in the knowledge that your production planning, as well as your order and sales activities, will run smoothly and without problems.

Management solutions like Katana allow you to:

  • Drag-and-drop your production planning priorities
  • Track your material requirements for efficient and accurate sales order fulfillment 
  • Identity delay risks in relation with inventory control and supply lead times
  • Obtain accurate expected job completion dates in order to keep sales teams informed

See how you can eliminate stockouts with Katana

  • Manage production planning, resource allocation, and scheduling in real time
  • Issue purchase orders based on precise material requirements and reorder points
  • Implement Katana on your own or with a team of experts that will set you up for success

Learn more about our plans and the features they come with

  • Plans starting from $179 / month
  • Annual and monthly billing options
  • Add users and warehouses as you grow

Integrate enterprise resource planning software with the services you know and trust

Connect Katana with third-party e-commerce software, or design your own workflows via API

With a huge range of integrations to choose from, including e-commerce, accounting, CRM, and reporting – whatever you need to run your business smoothly can be handled by Katana. The fabrication business is a complex creature, but it need not be. Katana’s manufacturing software is built to fit into whatever internal software you use – and if a native integration isn’t available, you always have the option of creating your own workflow via API.

Check out the full list of integrations available here.

Metal fabrication software FAQs

Essentially, metal fabrication software can be attributed to another name: ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning software. 

This is a system designed to make manufacturing resource planning both simple and efficient. It allows companies to manage and overview all business functions directly or indirectly connected to metal fabrication. ERP software helps businesses to organize materials, production capacity, finances, a well as human resources.

One of the main features of metal fabrication software is its ability to connect many business processes and enable a coherent data flow between them. By assembling your organization’s data from multiple channels, the system can remove incorrect or duplicated information and provide you with a “one-stop-shop” for all manufacturing information.

The majority of ERP software includes management features for your company’s resources. Inventory management is an important part of industrial operations since it allows you to manage and track a variety of resources.

You may, for example, use resource planning software to keep track of how long it takes each supplier to fulfill your order – or to provide feedback on any concerns or complications with lead times.

This enables your business to quickly identify any delays or difficulties in its supply chain and prevent them from recurring.

ERP software is a powerful tool for any manufacturer looking to acquire more control over their production process. Engineering, finance, research and development, operations, and customer support teams, as well as outside suppliers, can all benefit from having on-demand access to real-time data.

Its ability to bring insight into departments that aren’t directly associated with manufacturing; but may still benefit from real-time information, such as engineering and finance, is what makes it special.

A resource planning system will assist your company in achieving a more optimized workflow and – as well as track several specifics such as inventory, labor, material requirements, and other resources required for manufacturing and production processes.

An effective metal fabrication software system will provide insight into departments that are not directly involved in manufacturing but are linked to it via the purchasing process.

Manufacturing managers and product owners can see how costs and capacities change and flow over time by having real-time data at their disposal, allowing them to modify their resource planning accordingly.

MRPs are an effective solution for manufacturers of any size looking to gain greater control over their production process. Teams within engineering, finance, research and development, operations, and customer service as well as outside suppliers all benefit from having access to real-time information on demand. What makes it unique is its ability to provide insight into departments that may not be directly involved with manufacturing but which could benefit from access to real-time information, such as engineering and finance departments.

An API, or Application Programming Interface, enables two apps to exchange data. They’re especially beneficial when native application integration isn’t possible.

Katana offers an open API, which means you can link apps made by other developers and corporations to Katana to guarantee that whatever software you’re already using works well with Katana from the start.

Connect your tools and build custom processes to help optimize your operations and sync inventory data with hundreds of native e-commerce, accounting, and reporting platforms.

You will only need to think about using an API if your platform doesn’t have a native integration with Katana. If you’re on a platform like Shopify, then you’re ready to click and go! Take a look at the list of integrations.

Get visibility over your sales and stock

Wave goodbye to uncertainty by using Katana Cloud Inventory for total inventory control