The Best Coffee Roasting Software for D2C Brands

It's time to spill the beans on the best coffee roasting software for any artisan looking to get control over order fulfillment, real-time inventory updates, and organized shop floor control. Adopt Katana and integrate your favorite e-commerce or accounting platforms to easily achieve the smoothest workflow ever.
Hear from other manufacturers in the Coffee Roasting industry who use Katana
“Katana has been revolutionary for us! We've been able to get rid of headaches by trying to track costs manually and track inventory levels. Grateful to have found this coffee roasting software and highly recommend it to e-commerce companies!”
Coffee roasters aiming to empower women through conversations over amazing coffee
“Katana has been an important integration for streamlining our business processes from purchase orders to manufacturing and inventory. The support team provides prompt responses and work to integrate requests as best as possible.”
Coffee roasters are on a mission to educate, inspire and deliver quality handcrafted coffee for handcrafted people.
“Easy to access Shopify orders and the guys are very responsive to set up the system and help if anything occurs or needs to be optimized.”
Coffee roasters who source, roast and brew the most aromatic and rarest coffees out there, in accordance with the seasons. Focused on quality and sustainability.
“Fantastic coffee roasting software. Great, easy and intuitive interface. Syncs with all my other business apps. Seamless workflow between Katana and QuickBooks."
Coffee roasters inspired by lively conversations with family around the kitchen table.
Raw Material Tracking & Bill of Materials
Katana will automatically tell you if you have enough raw materials in stock to start production, when to order more, what and how much you’re missing. You can also purchase whatever you’re missing right away.
Smart Priority-Based Production Planning
Get real-time updates on inventory movement. Set reorder points, to ensure stock for high demand periods. Drag and drop to prioritize orders and let Katana reallocate materials and finished goods accordingly.
Make to Order & Make to Stock Support
Save your BOMs and let Katana make automatic inventory adjustments, calculate operations costs, and assign raw inventory, subassemblies, and finished goods to orders as soon as they’re generated.
Multi-Channel & Multi-Location
Centralize all your sales orders into one visual dashboard and gain multi-channel inventory visibility. Track the status of manufacturing orders at multiple locations and inventory levels at different warehouses.
Manufacturing Floor-Level Control
Get a simplified but complete overview of the status of your manufacturing operations so you can easily manage your resources, set tasks for team members, and monitor the progress of projects.
Outsource Manufacturing
Don’t produce in-house? Not a problem. Katana helps you stay in control of your outsourced manufacturing processes. Easily manage your orders, raw materials, and manufacturing operations at multiple locations.
Seamless integrations with your business essentials
From accounting to e-commerce.
6 Quick Tips for Ambitious Coffee Manufacturers
Coffee companies take extra care to make sure they are sourcing correctly, whilst also making use of smart technology to roast their beans to perfection.

It’s a big reason why coffee roasting software is becoming so central in delivering quality coffee to consumers. There are just so many nuances that require the focus of manufacturers that they simply can’t afford to take their eyes off the ball.

Plus there’s been a massive shift in dynamics as more coffee manufacturers are adopting the direct to consumer business model, which relies on swift and efficient production.

To really understand what makes the top coffee manufacturers of our age so successful, we need to dig a bit deeper and see what they all have in common.

Smart manufacturing made simple

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