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A few years ago, some of our co-founders started a small manufacturing workshop. Business was good, but spreadsheets don't scale well and pretty soon tracking and managing everything in spreadsheets became an unbearable hell of looking for the right file, the right sheet, the right cell.

None of the available software could really help — each tool more complicated, expensive, incompatible, or with user interfaces from '95. There had to be something better.

That's when Katana was born. We set out to create a solution that would help SME manufacturers like us all around the globe and we have worked toward that goal every day since.

Katana team is made up of the finest, the creme de la creme. Aiming to create the best manufacturing software for small manufacturers and makers.

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Feel free to fire any suggestions or questions regarding Katana or integrated services. Or just share your feelings or latest achievements in life. We love talking to manufacturers!

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