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Every manufacturer should be able to unlock the full potential of their business. We believe that small manufacturing industry that employs latest technologies, automated processes and environmental friendly business practices will play a key role in shaping our future.

Few years ago, some of our co-founders established a small manufacturing business. They kept track of everything in spreadsheets: sales and manufacturing orders, products, variants, recipes, inventory, and so on (everyone does, right?). Pretty soon, managing all this became an unbearable headache as they spent most of their days in Excel, copying-pasting, looking for the right file, the right sheet and cell.

Sales was going great, but it was clear that they could not scale with spreadsheets. To their surprise, none of the available software solutions could really help them. Each tool was either too complicated, too expensive, not compatible with any other cloud services, or with user interface like Windows '95 (no offence, Bill, we still like Microsoft). They needed something better.

That's when we decided to start building Katana MRP. Talking to other manufacturers, we learned that many of them were in the similar situation. We put our heads together to create a solution that would help SME manufacturers all around the globe. Every day since then we have worked toward that goal.


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