Cosmetics brand owner?
Katana helps you run a smooth production.

Cosmetics production made easy

Katana is the new best friend of skin care and cosmetic brand owners! Manage ingredients, production process, inventory and automated sales orders in one easy-to-use software. The features and user interface have been designed with exactly the needs of a growing cosmetic brand in mind. Ready to scale your business? Try Katana free! Easy to set up. No credit card required.
Seamless integrations with popular online services.
From accounting to e-commerce.
Formulation & recipes
Easily manage custom recipes, batch numbers and product costing. Try modelling with different margins and formulations to make the best out of your products.
Cosmetics formulation process with Katana
Automated inventory
Real-time stock updates for all your ingredients and ready-made products. Set safety stock levels to ensure availability and avoid tying up cash with excess inventory.
Automated inventory control for cosmetics from Katana
Production planning
Automatically schedule production according to actual sales. Prioritize, delegate and track production tasks to make sure your team is in full effect.
Production planning for cosmetics with Katana

“Katana is exactly what I needed - honestly it is a complete godsend to a business owner like me. The software is very easy to use and I have all my data in one place. If someone is looking for a new solution and spreadsheets just aren’t working, they should try Katana.” — Susan Ambort, Organic Life

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