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We are building a world where no manufacturer would ever consider using a bunch of messy spreadsheets to manage their sales, production and inventory. Join us in our mission to help scaling manufacturers thrive with Katana — the Smart Manufacturing Software.
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Learn how Katana’s Partner Program can help your clients grow their manufacturing business and make you money in the process.

Access the Right Tools

With Katana, you make sure your clients get access to the best manufacturing tool on the market, designed particularly for the needs of modern manufacturers.

Earn Commission

Refer clients using your unique URL generated in PartnerStack and earn 20% of your clients' revenue for the next 3 years of their subscription.

Get Full Support

We offer full product training and promotional materials (free partner account, videos, one pager, partner badge for your website, etc.).
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Katana helps manufacturers who sell online thrive.

Small manufacturers used to have only two options for production scheduling and inventory management: cumbersome Excel spreadsheets or expensive enterprise software.

Katana changes this, by offering your clients the Smart Manufacturing Software — an affordable tool, which allows them to manage every order fulfillment step from one easy-to-use, visual dashboard. Katana’s seamless integration with popular e-commerce and accounting makes it the number one choice for modern manufacturers around the world.

Seamless integrations with popular online services.

From accounting to e-commerce.

Start your journey to becoming a Katana partner today.

Take control of your business' future and create your free Katana Partner account.
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