Go PRO with Shop Floor Control Task Access with Katana

It’s time to overhaul and upgrade your floor-level capabilities, so you and your employees can take more control of production with the floor-level mobile app, which comes with the new PRO plan, that allows you to:

— Allocate tasks to operators which they can access via a smart device;

— Give operators the tools to update task progress in real-time;

— Provide operators with the necessary information to finish tasks; and

— Eliminate paper and digitalize your entire workflow.

So, what will paperless tracking of day-to-day tasks look like on your shop floor?

Your New Shop Floor Workflow

The PRO plan gives users the shop floor control mobile app, which allows managers and operators a channel of communication and streamlined production flow.
Shop floor control.

Once you’ve set up your team member's Operator account, they can use a
generated QR code and a unique 6-digit login code to access their accounts via a smart device.

NOTE: Keep the QR code safe, as they’ll need it to log in to their accounts.

Scan the QR code to add a team member’s account.

Your operators can now access their daily tasks to see what needs to be done, and easily update progress in real-time, without the need for checking spreadsheets, or having operators checking the main Katana dashboard.

This allows everyone to stay focused on their work and be up-to-date on what others are doing too.

Shop floor-level app. 

All you or a manager needs to do is assign operators to manufacturing orders, and your team's schedules will update automatically and immediately.

However, if your team responsibilities don’t often change, for example, someone who does engravings on finished goods, you can predefine their tasks.

Under Settings and Resources, you can set a Default assignee to tasks, so every time a manufacturing order is generated, those tasks are automatically added to the operator's task list.

Hidden Caption: Automatically give tasks to operators by setting them as the default assignee.

You can check out the video below to get a better understanding of how the new features will perform within Katana:

Start Paperless Manufacturing Today

The PRO plan also includes an upgraded Done list for MRP Users and floor-level Operators:

MRP User - Real-time overview of who is working on what specific tasks at any moment; and

Floor-level Operator – Can get an overview of their completed tasks.

And there you have it, the floor-level app is sure to:

— Improve your workflow;

— Remove the hassle of organizing daily and weekly production schedules in spreadsheets; and

— Set you on the right path to greener manufacturing.

You can read more about how the floor-level app works in the Knowledge Base article.

Or, if you have any questions about our latest update, feel free to get in touch and let us know.

And until next time, happy manufacturing.