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Your inventory can get out-of-control when you make diverse products that are liquids, creams, and edibles. With Katana, you can track your ingredients and finished goods in real-time, in your preferred unit of measurement and take advantage of automatic tracking, which helps you improve your fulfillment rate and optimize your production.

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“Katana was on the list of 10 manufacturing software I've tried, (to name a few Fishbowl, Quickbooks Enterprise, SkuVault, Cin7, Oracle). All offered so much, but heavily lacked integration to Quickbooks Online. Using the 14-day free trial to my advantage, Katana staff helped me transfer all customers, products & materials. Less than a day into it I was able to see how well the integration works with QBO. I was fully functioning within 13 days, compared to the previous mentions which hardly scratched the surface in 14 days. We thank Katana & all their staff for having such an amazingly helpful team.”
From CBD tinctures to vapes, or pet products
“At first, we approached work ad-hoc, mainly doing everything by estimations. But once we got started with Katana, we were able to formulate a schedule and get our stock under control. Before, we would quite often experience delays, but since using Katana, we've been able to be on top of our order fulfillment. Katana gave us a system to track our raw goods manufactured in the products and also track production schedules and workflow. We didn't have a system, it was more just looking at what we had and guessing before Katana.”
CBD oils and skincare products

Raw Material Tracking & Bill of Materials

Katana will automatically tell you if you have enough raw materials in stock to start production, when to order more, what and how much you’re missing. You can also purchase whatever you’re missing right away.

Smart Priority-Based Production Planning

Get real-time updates on inventory movement. Set reorder points, to ensure stock for high demand periods. Drag and drop to prioritize orders and let Katana reallocate materials and finished goods accordingly.

Make to Order & Make to Stock Support

Save your BOMs and let Katana make automatic inventory adjustments, calculate operations costs, and assign raw inventory, subassemblies, and finished goods to orders as soon as they’re generated.

Multi-Channel & Multi-Location

Centralize all your sales orders into one visual dashboard and gain multi-channel inventory visibility. Track the status of manufacturing orders at multiple locations and inventory levels at different warehouses.

Manufacturing Floor-Level Control

Get a simplified but complete overview of the status of your manufacturing operations so you can easily manage your resources, set tasks for team members, and monitor the progress of projects.

Outsource Manufacturing

Don’t produce in-house? Not a problem. Katana helps you stay in control of your outsourced manufacturing processes. Easily manage your orders, raw materials, and manufacturing operations at multiple locations.

Seamless integrations with your business essentials

From accounting to e-commerce.

Natural Native Gets 80% Productivity Boost by Planning Production with Katana

Natural Native is a manufacturing company that produces cannabis-infused products, such as creams, oils, and consumables by extracting cannabidiol (CBD) from cannabis plants.

Their business used to have a chaotic approach to production planning and inventory management, but soon enough this led to costly delays in their manufacturing operations.

They needed to increase fulfillment rate, by at least 50%, implement automation strategies, and avoid bottlenecks by improving communication between staff. And that’s exactly how Katana helped them.

Ultimate Guide to Growing a Successful Shopify CBD Store

It wasn’t too long ago that the mention of cannabis (aka the devil’s lettuce) would stir up feelings of horror and distaste to many a mother. But perceptions have changed in recent years as the medicinal value of hemp products have surely, but slowly entered the mainstream.

CBD products are now at the forefront of fast-moving progressive markets in the western world. It’s estimated to grow to 22 billion dollars by 2022.

But with more are more stores selling CBD products popping left and right, how do you stay ahead of your competition?

Check out our ultimate guide to growing a successful Shopify CBD store in 2020!

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