Supply Chain Management for Manufacturers

Manage your purchase orders, raw materials and much more in one place to create an effective small manufacturing business.

Enjoy on-time deliveries from suppliers and manage your sales order fulfillment pipeline effectively.

Easily manage product stock, materials available for production, materials en-route from suppliers and subcontractors, products booked for shipping to customers with real-time inventory dashboards.

Our 14-day free trial lets you use all the features and see if it suits your business.


Know exactly when to make more products or order more materials. Material and product stock in Katana free MRP system is automatically updated based on your sales and production activities. Get alerts when stock falls below critical levels.


No manual updating of spreadsheets. No manual copy-pasting. No stressful stock-outs. Because managing your stock and dividing tasks between team members with Katana free MRP system is effortless. Integrated with leading e-commerce and accounting solutions.


You can focus on marketing and sales by wasting less time on tracking your stock and managing your manufacturing operations. Set the right prices based on accurate costing.

"I've been able to make my production more cost-effective from day one. Wish I had found Katana earlier!"

— Lena Tsirmovsky, Georgia, US

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