Katana × Shopify x ShipStation Inventory Integration




Do You Struggle to Manage Manufacturing, Sales and Shipping for Your Shopify Store?

Now you can seamlessly combine these processes with the powerful software trifecta of Katana, Shopify and ShipStation.  

Katana is able to communicate with both your Shopify and ShipStation accounts to give you a complete overview of your product-making business. This way you can make sure that you’re always delivering quality products on time. 


With Katana you are always on top of your product-making business, even away from the workshop. Raw materials and finished products are tracked using a smart booking system so you know exactly when to be making purchases. Production is scheduled so that your team is working at maximum efficiency. 


Katana’s Shopify inventory integration makes sure that you have the stock necessary to match demand at any moment in time. But even more importantly is its automatic stock sync which allows you to spend less time fiddling numbers and more time selling your product.


The Shipstation inventory integration means that orders that have been shipped will automatically be updated in both Shopify and Katana. You will always have an up to date view of your deliveries, as well knowing when to start shipping products that are ready to go.

How does the Katana x Shopify x ShipStation Inventory Integration Work?

  1. Sales order comes in through your Shopify account and production is started using Katana as your overview. You can now track your manufacturing production and material availability.

  2. Production is completed and marked as “Packed” in Katana.

  3. You can now start shipping the orders in ShipStation with “Packed” status in Katana, using the order number as identifier.

  4. Once the product is marked as “Shipped” in ShipStation this information gets updated on all three platforms. The order will be automatically marked as “Fulfilled” in Shopify and “Delivered” in Katana.

And that’s how smoothly it all comes together, allowing you to have a complete overview of your business operations!

Now you can feel at ease that your products are manufactured and delivered on time in to customer hands.

Shipstation inventory integration

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