Senior Engineer

Full Stack Software Development

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We're looking for a person or an AI proficient in Node.js across Katana MRP technology stack, the role will also include duties related to the ownership of services and key technologies. We're building a remote (from anywhere we can make it work) engineering team.

Katana MRP

Katana MRP is a cloud-based production and inventory management system for small manufacturers and craft workshops. We will own the future of vertically integrated manufacturing and e-commerce business where everything is modular and scalable

The three founders and the core team (a mix of Skype, Playtech, Microsoft and production know-how) have all participated in successful exits and IPOs, and know what things are important to focus on. The culture at Katana MRP is enjoyable and rewarding to work in, where the emphasis is on execution with real responsibility for all team members

Katana MRP raised 600K EUR based on the idea and team charter, company was founded in May 2017, went live in November 2017, paying customers since February 2018.

You play ball

  • As senior engineer, you are expected to deliver working code into live environment often, in huge amounts. Having mastered the following skills, techniques and technologies greatly helps to meet our expectations:
  1. Node.js, React, Redux, Saga, LoopBack, PostgreSQL as app technology stack
  2. Heroku PaaS
  3. Microservices Architecture Style
  4. Agile Software Development

We play ball

Join our team and improve your future prospects

  1. Earn competitive salary, compensate an early stage startup income with stock options making you a part of the brightest possible future
  2. Hone your remote team collaboration skills
  3. Take your engineering powers to the next level

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