Give your clients an end-to-end inventory solution

Empower your accounting and consulting business with Katana Cloud Inventory’s real-time syncing, precise COGS recognition, and one-click invoicing.

Accountants and consultants use Katana Cloud Inventory paired with QuickBooks Online to help solve their clients’ most complex e-commerce problems with centralized, intuitive software.

Real-time inventory management

Katana Cloud Inventory tracks raw materials and finished goods. This ensures that the inventory value on the books is always up-to-date, allowing for more accurate financial reporting and analysis.

Seamless integrations

Katana’s integration with QuickBooks Online ensures that financial data flows seamlessly between platforms. This reduces the manual effort in data entry, minimizes errors, and ensures that financial statements are always aligned with inventory movements.

Accurate cost calculations

The real-time master planner helps manufacturers prioritize orders.It also calculates the costs of goods manufactured (COGM) and costs of goods sold (COGS) precisely. This is crucial for accountants to evaluate the profitability of products and for accurate financial reporting.


Katana supports businesses as they grow, from small-scale operations to larger, more complex manufacturing processes. Consultants can confidently recommend Katana, knowing it can adapt and scale according to their client’s growth trajectory.

Integrate with the best e-commerce,
accounting, reporting, and CRM
tools out there

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Create custom API integrations

Use Katana’s open API to create custom workflows and connect to apps beyond our list of integrations. Automate data transfers between the services you use to level up efficiency. Take a look at our API documentation to learn more.

Katana partner program

Get all the help you need to align your business operations with Katana's workflows.

Give your clients an end-to-end inventory solution

Businesses today need flexible, powerful, and enjoyable cloud inventory software — the days of desktop solutions are over.

Companies rely on Katana as a central source of truth, and our software connects with other best-in-class solutions to build the ultimate ecosystem of business tools.

How Katana partners earn recurring commissions

When you represent Katana, you are officially part of our team — and we’ll make it worth your while. Commissions are not just a one-time thing. You earn rewards every month for the business you bring to Katana.

Partners can earn up to 40% with a revenue share deal for every customer referred, depending on the partnership tier. And you can refer as many as you like. The cloud’s the limit.

Grow and expand your value offering with Katana

Katana and our ecosystem partners are here to help you serve, attract, and retain clients. Happy clients mean happy partners — and that’s what we strive to see.

Our growing network of partners and integrations can give you the edge you need to differentiate your service offering. Partners get priority customer support and a front-row seat at product roadmap discussions. We’ll help you consult your clients on the benefits of moving to the cloud and how to take them there.

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