Katana homepage upgrade

What is Katana?

Katana is a cloud-based production and inventory management system for small manufacturers and craft workshops. We will own the future of vertically integrated manufacturing and e-commerce business where everything is modular and scalable.

Vision: #1 manufacturing SaaS for SME’s globally

·        Katana was founded in May 2017

·        Backed by EUR 600th angel round

·        Went live in November 2017

·        Very positive initial feedback with hundreds of sign-ups     

Who is our customer?

Our typical customer is a small workshop with 5-20 people selling their products via own e-commerce shop (Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce etc). Products can vary a lot – we have signups today who are producing natural cosmetics, leather bags, camping equipment, drones, craft beer, you name it. Our target customer is often trying to manage inventory and production with spreadsheets or in an accounting software and is looking for an affordable SaaS solution to reduce mistakes and manual data hauling from one system to another.

Katana currently does not have any geographical focus. We have signups from all over the world.

Example customers:




What are we upgrading and why?

Our current version homepage katanamrp.com was built in Squarespace by one of our founders who is not a designer nor UX expert. We believe he did a very good job in setting up a quick page to start collecting first signups, however, we also believe we need to upgrade wireframes and design to further improve sign-up conversion. Collecting sign-ups is our focus - everything on the page should be optimized for this result.

We believe we need to upgrade due to the following reasons:

1)     One of Katana’s key competitive advantages compared to spreadsheets and old-school MRP/ERP systems is our grid-based approach using RAG statuses. This means that inside Katana SaaS visuals play a key role. Katana homepage is the entry door to our product – our business card. We need the business card to hint to our potential customer that the product behind the door differentiates from competition by a significantly better UI/UX. Thus, we also need our business card to differentiate from our competition. This way we can convince the customer to go through the signup process.

2)     When we started with Katana half a year ago we put together a basic CVI consisting of logo styles, fonts, colour pallet. We are happy with those and are not looking to change the basic CVI. We would like to build a better homepage and a more consistent identity based on this CVI. We are missing strong identity as such. We are also missing illustrations on the homepage. We are missing unique style, class and emotion.

3)     We believe it should be possible to upgrade the page layout/structure to further improve signup conversion. Clearly, there is also room to improve the content and we intend to do so in parallel with improving design.

Thus, the scope of work would include:

  • Upgrading the design of current content available on katanamrp.com. Option to either retain or change the current website architecture.

  • Additional content we want to add on the page during the upgrade:

    • Industry specific pages where we introduce how Katana should be used in specific industries (e.g. breweries, cosmetic manufacturers, leatherworking etc)

    • Several unlinked landing pages we have created currently in Squarespace - e.g. https://katanamrp.com/manufacturer-inventory-spreadsheet-template. Full list available in Squarespace backend

  • We do not expect design partner to redesign each and every page, but rather focus on main landing page and key submenus and provide framework and concepts for our internal designer Anu to implement throughout the content

When and how?

We would like to start with the upgrade process in January 2018 and complete it within 30 days ideally. We would prefer to run a process with design partner where we first do a 1-day paid sprint to get some initial ideas/mocks prior to committing to full contract.

In general, we are happy with Squarespace and would prefer continuing with using their backend. Squarespace supports custom design/HTML.

From Katana there will be two persons participating in the process – Hannes Kert hannes.kert@katanamrp.com as project lead, Anu Kritšmann anu.kritsmann@katanamrp.com as our internal designer supporting the project with her valuable ideas and input and Oliver Vesi oliver.vesi@katanamrp.com as our marketing lead responsible for page conversion, keywords etc.

Get in touch with Hannes to discuss next steps.