The Cost of Not Planning Your Inventory

Watch the recording from webinar The Cost of Not Planning Your Inventory, where we cover vital strategies to overcome common inventory challenges, harness the power of data-driven demand forecasting, and learn when to invest in an advanced inventory solution.

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Get expert insights into what real businesses struggle with the most, such as inventory planning, understanding the cost of not having the right tech stack in place, and how to set up your business for success with an inventory solution.

What you’ll learn

  • Biggest inventory pain points SMBs have and what they stem from

  • How to forecast and plan for demand with the right data — and how to get the data right

  • When to invest in an inventory solution and what to look out for


John Bottoms and Shawn Coultice have 35+ years of combined experience in helping businesses manage their inventory and reach their full potential.

John Bottoms

John Bottoms

Senior Inventory Consultants


John has 25+ years of experience in delivering successful outcomes for customers, partners, and stakeholders across 30+ countries. He is passionate about helping individuals and businesses reach their full potential especially in inventory/product-based companies, and worked with over 65 companies to help get them on a pathway to success.

Shawn Coultice

Shawn Coultice

Head Of Channel Partnerships

Shawn has over a decade of experience helping businesses succeed with the right technology in the inventory technology space. Driven to solve complex business problems with cloud solutions, he has built a growing community of experts that can scale with Katana as a trusted partner.

About Katana

Katana’s cloud inventory platform covers the live inventory, production, accounting, and reporting features that give businesses the knowledge they need to make the right decisions. Integrations and an open API allow customers to rely on Katana as a central source of truth, connecting to best-in-class ecommerce, accounting, and shipping software for maximum accuracy and efficiency.