Katana × Shopify

The Shopify Inventory Integration Which Empowers Modern Manufacturers Around the World

The Katana x Shopify inventory integration makes it easy for modern manufacturers who sell on Shopify to handle business operations and inventory.

Manage your product recipes, production activities and purchasing of materials. Never miss a delivery deadline by having full visibility of your order fulfillment process.

Easy Inventory and Order Management

Manage your product recipes in Katana. Ensure on-time manufacturing of products and purchasing of raw materials. Avoid stock-outs with relevant alerts with Katana’s Shopify inventory integration.

Smooth Production Processes

Manage the priorities of orders and production responsibilities of team members. Katana’s Shopify inventory integration helps you run a smart manufacturing business.

Shopify Multiple Store Support

Link all of your Shopify stores to a single Katana account, and manage your entire inventory, manufacturing processes and order fulfillment from a single visual dashboard.

Shopify x Katana Stock Synchronization

Update your stock levels directly to your store with our Shopify inventory integration. Any time a sales order is delivered, manufacturing order completed or purchase order received the changes will automatically be reflected on your Shopify website.

Integrating Your Shopify Inventory with Katana is Easy

1. Log in to your Katana dashboard or sign up for a free account.  
2. Go to the “Settings” screen and choose “Integrations” from the left-side menu.
3. Insert the name of your Shopify store and set up your preferred configurations.
4. (Optional) If you wish to sync stock levels between Katana and Shopify, make sure to turn the option on.
5. (Optional) You can connect multiple Shopify stores with your Katana account in order to manage your entire manufacturing from a single visual dashboard.
That’s it, you’re good to go!

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Use Katana's Shopify inventory integration and take your business to the next level.

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1. Can I upload my stock levels from my current inventory management system to Katana?
Yes, there are a few methods for this. The first is that you can upload your manufacturing inventory spreadsheet so that your stock imports from your own data.

The other is to sync up your Shopify store stock.
2. Can I track inventory at multiple locations with the Shopify inventory integration?
Yes, you can separately track inventory levels from different stock locations.
3. Will Katana track my raw materials?
Katana has advanced raw material inventory management which not only tracks your materials, but goes a step further by booking them to your orders. Pairing this with our Shopify inventory integration means that you won’t have any of your Shopify orders using the same raw materials, which may lead to failure in fulfilling your orders.
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