Etsy integration

Save Time for What You Love... running your workshop with Katana free crafting app


Katana keeps your stock and workshop operations in order 

Manage your product recipes, ensure on-time purchasing of materials, avoid stock-outs with relevant alerts, and run an efficient workshop. 

No manual copy-pasting - automatically sync listings, sales orders, returns, and inventory levels between your Etsy store and Katana.


 Inventory management for Etsy
 Etsy inventory management

Know the status of every order and crafting task 

Never miss a deadline with full visibility into your workshop and order fulfillment status. Easily control the production responsibilities of team members.

Katana saves time for Etsy sellers by making it easy to handle stock and workshop operations. Katana also has integrations with other ecommerce platforms and supports multichannel sales



 Import listings


Material and product stock in Katana is automatically updated based on your sales and crafting activities. Know exactly when to order more materials. Stock levels are always in sync between your Etsy store and Katana. 

 Import sales orders


No manual updating of spreadsheets. No manual copy-pasting. No stressful stock-outs. Because managing your stock and dividing tasks between team members with Katana is effortless.

 Intelligent dashboards


You can focus on product design, marketing, and sales by wasting less time on tracking your stock and managing your workshop operations.



"Before Katana, I spent so much time on putting out fires at my workshop. I was doing quite well on Etsy, but I knew I had more potential. Now I can focus on pushing my sales."

Liz Thompson, Florida, US


Save time by managing your stock and workshop operations with Katana