Katana x Easy Insight


Manufacturing Reporting Made Easy

Get better business insights by analyzing the data you already have in your Katana account, creating custom dashboards and reports with Easy Insight.

Simplify your operations and focus on what matters - your business, your products, and your customers.

Make better business decisions by making sense of the data

Build automated reports and dashboards to get an accurate overview of your business

Visualize data through charts, tables, calendars, etc.

Automated Custom Reports and Dashboards

Easy Insight already provides manufacturing report templates, such as:

  • New customers by month;
  • Revenue breakdown by customers;
  • Revenue breakdown by products;
  • Revenue breakdown by product categories;
  • Order size, sales, and order trends;
  • Revenue and sale order count by month;

And many more customer reports and dashboards to build yourself - opportunities are endless!

Important note: at the moment only sales-related data is available for reporting. We will be adding more functionality as Katana API is developed over the following year.

Better Manufacturing Insights is just a few clicks away

1. Log in to your Katana account or sign up for a free account.  
2. Go to API section in Katana account Settings.
3. Add a new API key and copy it.
4. Log in to your Easy Insight account or sign up for a free account.
5. Find Katana in Connection list.
6. Paste the API key in Connection Setup and click "Create".

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