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What Makes Katana Smart?

Visual Overview

Manage every order fulfillment step from one easy-to-use dashboard. Get a quick status update and simply drag-and-drop orders to change priorities and make adjustments on the go.

Automated Adjustments

Compared to spreadsheets, it’s a whole new level of keeping order fulfillment in sync. Every adjustment made in inventory or production schedule instantly reflects in other areas of the fulfillment flow.


Katana knows the modern manufacturer uses a variety of tools to succeed. Therefore, it connects well with other business essentials — from e-commerce to accounting.


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Visual order fulfillment

Visual Order Fulfillment

Manage your whole order fulfillment process from a single dashboard - sales, manufacturing and purchasing. Knowing stock availability and fulfillment status for every order and production process means you won’t have to miss a delivery deadline ever again.

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Real time inventory control

Real-Time Inventory Control

Automatically track raw materials, product stock, materials en-route from suppliers and products booked for shipping to customers. Just drag-and-drop orders to prioritize your inventory usage.

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Wcommerce friendly

e-Commerce Friendly

Built with e-Commerce sellers in mind. Seamless integration with your preferred e-Commerce platform and automated sales order sync.

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Modern Workshops Around the World Who Love Katana

Carved wooden accessories testimonial

Carved - Wooden Accessories

“Katana allows us visibility, efficiency, and productivity on every order from the time it is received in our system right through to the customers doorstep.” 

Stella Soomlais design testimonial

Stella Soomlais Design

“We don’t miss spreadsheets one bit after finding Katana. It feels good to be on top of your inventory. Both raw and made products.” 

Viks Bikes Testimonial

Viks Bikes

Syncing sales orders and production used to be the hardest part of our business. Now it’s the easiest. Besides, the software is surprisingly easy to set up.” 


Use Katana in Your Native Language

Do you, or any of your colleagues, need to use Katana in another language than English? Google Translate Chrome extension makes it easy as 1-2-3!

Katana x Google Translate
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