Product roadmap

This is a snapshot of features we are planning to release in the coming months. 

Resource level production tracking. Plan the production schedule based on the capacity of your workshop. Create work order lists for workstations and floor level employees based on a prioritized production plan.

Multi-warehouse support. Keep track of stock across multiple warehouses. Create stock transfers between warehouses.

Supply terms. Define default supply lead times, minimum purchase quantities and other supply parameters for more convenient purchasing process.

Partial shipping. Ship your sales orders in parts by selecting specific line items on a sales order to ship sooner than others.

Invoicing. Create customer invoices directly in Katana MRP.

Sales terms. Define different price lists for specific customer groups and manage discounts.

Multi-user access. Add team members to your Katana MRP account to make processes smoother in your business.

QuickBooks integration. We will start with generating invoices in QuickBooks based on Katana MRP sales orders. More functionality will be added later based on customer feedback.

Batch and serial number tracking. Assign serial numbers to materials and sub-assembly and link those to your final product. Assign batch numbers to materials or products that have been purchased or manufactured as a group.

Multi-currency support. Sell online in any country and in any currency. Purchase your materials globally. You can still manage your inventory and accounting in base currency.

WooCommerce integration. We will start with synchronizing Sales Orders from WooCommerce to Katana MRP. We will add more functionality gradually as we talk to our customers  and learn how to improve manufacturing and e-commerce experience for them.