Artisan Coffee Roasting Software

On-time order fulfilment. Inventory management. Organized production.
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Roastery Mastery with Katana

Katana is the best friend of coffee roasters. Manage raw materials, production process, inventory and automated sales orders in one easy-to-use software. 

It's the first coffee roasting software actually built with the needs of a small coffee crafter in mind.  

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Order Fulfilment

Warehouse management, integrated online sales, time scheduling and accounting — all from a secure cloud-based coffee roasting software.


Real-Time Inventory

Keep your inventory updated after every roast. Wastage and quantities available are calculated automatically. Use your sales data and plan ahead by adjusting your safety stock.


Organized Production

Accurate production costs, custom recipes and automated order prioritization makes running your roastery easy.

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“Simply the most powerful artisan coffee roasting software. My everyday operations and roast production scheduling have never been as organized as they are now. Cheers to Katana!”


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