7 best BigCommerce inventory management integrations for 2022

Manufacturers looking for BigCommerce inventory management won’t need to look any further with this article. Here are the best BigCommerce integrations for managing your sales and manufacturing orders.

Image of items moving from stock to storefront via a BigCommerce inventory management solution.
Last updated: 26.10.2022

Keeping on top of your business and selling goods on BigCommerce is one thing — but manufacturers have the added challenge of managing different inventory types.

So, the big question is, how do other manufacturers overcome this momentous task of tracking items? Many manufacturers turn to BigCommerce inventory management integrations to help them stay keep up with inventory movements. That’s why we’ve put together this article of 7 of the best BigCommerce inventory integrations to get you started on this journey to finding your solution.

By the end of this article, you’ll have seven BigCommerce inventory management solutions to optimize your inventory management processes.

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The best BigCommerce inventory management

  1. Brightpearl
  2. Linnworks
  3. Katana ERP manufacturing software
  4. Order Desk
  5. Skubana
  6. Pulse Commerce
  7. SKULabs

1. Brightpearl 

Screenshot of BigCommerce inventory management software Brightpearl.

All-in-one order and BigCommerce inventory management solution, Brightpearl — built to support retail operations.

Brightpearl BigCommerce inventory management software supports retailers with omnichannel sales with native integrations so that they can centralize their sales, fulfillment, inventory, accounting, reporting, and planning. Merchants have designed Brightpearl for merchants but those who need to handle a revenue of $1 million or more. And because this is software that handles this high level of trading, they offer intimate consultation to get you set up and running your business via Brightpearl as soon as possible.

Brightpearl helps you easily manage your BigCommerce inventory by giving you features such as:

  • Warehouse management
  • Real-time trading insights
  • Integrations with full retail tech ecosystem
  • Automated demand forecasts

2. Linnworks

Price: Contact for pricing

Free trial: Free 30-minute demo

Screenshot of website homepage BigCommerce inventory solution Linnworks

Inventory management software BigCommerce Linnworks, a cloud-based solution, provides users with tools for multichannel selling.

Linnworks takes your BigCommerce inventory tracking and seamlessly connects your other channels to automate your sales processes. These integrations give users multichannel support to manage inventory, orders, and fulfillment all on one dashboard. Linnworks gives you the tools to get better insights into your sales and operations to control your profitability and scalability.

BigCommerce inventory management from Linnworks gives you other features for better business management like:

  • Multichannel sales integration
  • Inventory and order management
  • Shipping and order fulfillment
  • Sales and operations insights

3. Katana ERP manufacturing software

Price: Starts at $99.00 per month

Free trial: 14-days

Screenshot of website homepage BigCommerce inventory management of Katana ERP manufacturing.

This BigCommerce inventory management is made by manufacturers for manufacturers — Katana ERP manufacturing.

Katana is an inexpensive BigCommerce inventory management solution that gives users real-time master planning, which means if you have to reprioritize your manufacturing orders, Katana will automatically reallocate your resources to fit the new workflow. The native-built integration with BigCommerce allows you to automate production planning and set reorder points to keep your processes running smoothly. As Katana is purpose-built for BigCommerce manufacturers, it features automated inventory, so you can easily track your items in raw, WIP, and finished goods inventories.

Katana ERP for BigCommerce inventory management gives users advanced tools to support manufacturing processes, such as:

Bill of materials (BOM) management

Katana helps users with BigCommerce inventory tracking by giving them the tools to store their BOMs. Katana automatically allocates materials to production and calculates manufacturing costs for each manufacturing order.

SKU management 

Manufacturers use SKU codes to track items in their inventory to identify items and their particular variants. These SKUs can be used for tracking in Katana. And in BigCommerce for selling and suggesting products to customers on your store.

Multilocation sales, manufacturing, and inventory management

If you’re tracking your BigCommerce inventory in several different locations, Katana gives you tools to do this. Manufacturers operating across multiple factories, warehouses, or have consignment inventory. This allows you to easily perform a stock transfer to keep all your different inventory types topped up.

Master production schedule (MPS)

You might have the perfect plan laid out for your production runs, but anything can happen that means you have to adapt to overcome a challenge. Katana gives users a flexible MPS function, so you can make changes and get an overview of production status in real-time.

Shop floor control

If you or your managers have employees on the shop floor, they need to communicate with and assign tasks. Then Katana also gives users access to the Shop Floor Control app. Track time spent on tasks to optimize production, add notes to manufacturing orders, and view manufacturing order tasks and ingredient lists for each task.

Native integrations and API

Katana’s Inventory management software BigCommerce isn’t the only integration. Using Katana, you can use the native integrations or codeless templates to integrate your other business tools, including e-commerce, accounting, reporting, CRMs, and more. However, if you can find a tool you absolutely need in your workflow process, you can access our API and create your own integrations.

However, that is just the tip of the BigCommerce inventory management features. Katana users can also get access to:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Advanced inventory and order management
  • Batch tracking functionalities
  • Omnichannel management

4. Order Desk

Price: Starting at $12 per month

Free trial: 30-day free trial

Screenshot of website homepage BigCommerce inventory management software Order Desk.

Software for BigCommerce inventory tracking with Order Desk is one of the cheapest options that allow you to pick, choose, and pay for the features you need.

The biggest difference between this and the other inventory management software BigCommerce available on the market is Order Desk’s Rule Engine. The Rule Engine for BigCommerce inventory management allows you to define your own criteria for orders, so you can easily handle your orders exactly how you need to handle them. This allows you to create your own custom folders and track orders all across your workflow processes.

Order Desk BigCommerce inventory management software gives you other tools such as:

  • Integrations with other third-party providers
  • Managing shipping addresses
  • Managing and tracking refunds
  • Printing customizable packing slips

5. Skubana

Price: Starting at $1,000 per month

Free trial: No

Screenshot of website homepage BigCommerce inventory tracking integration Skubana.

BigCommerce inventory management software Skubana is a multi-sales channel and warehouse cloud-based solution.

Skubana has most of the same BigCommerce inventory tracking features as the other software, but this one comes with powerful automated purchasing functions. This is great for D2C sellers as the software automatically generates POs and creates forecasts for future orders. This inventory management software BigCommerce allows you to stay focused on selling and manufacturing your goods while Skubana takes care of your procurement processes.

Take your BigCommerce inventory tracking to the next level with other features such as:

  • Automating operational responsibilities
  • Print shipping labels directly
  • See profitability at the SKU level
  • An open API

6. Pulse Commerce

Price: starting at $2,500 per month

Free trial: Personalized demo

Screenshot of website homepage of inventory management software BigCommerce solution Pulse Commerce.

BigCommerce inventory management Pulse Commerce is a cloud-based order and inventory platform.

Like the other BigCommerce inventory software featured in this article, Pulse Commerce supports omnichannel operations and inventory management across different locations. However, Pulse Commerce provides users with a point of sale (POS) system for small to medium-sized retailers, from jewelers and apparel to pharmacies. On top of integrating with your other tools and platforms, Pulse Commerce BigCommerce inventory management software gives users access to an API to code their own integrations.

Pulse Commerce will help you take your business and BigCommerce inventory management to the next level with:

  • An integrated point of sales system
  • Multilocation inventory management
  • Customer management and complete customer order history
  • E-commerce capabilities

7. SKULabs

Price: Starting at $499.00 per month

Free trial: No free trial

Screenshot of website homepage BigCommerce inventory integration of SKULabs.

Last and not least of the BigCommerce inventory management solution — SKULabs helps users manage their orders, shipments, and inventory all from the cloud.

SKULabs BigCommerce inventory management allows users to manage multichannel inventory with barcode scanning. This allows employees to improve their picking process and reduce errors with this barcode feature. Using SKULabs also helps users with automatic sorting for either individual orders or multi-order batches.

SKULabs BigCommerce inventory management gives users the tools to:

  • Get live rates and print shipping labels
  • Manage multichannel inventory import and sync
  • Manage multiple shipment providers
  • set low stock alerts

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Now you have some BigCommerce inventory management shortlisted — what next?

And there we have it, the 7 best BigCommerce inventory management integrations for manufacturers.

However, what do you do with this list? The next step is to select the BigCommerce inventory management software that best suits your business and either take advantage of the free trials or arrange demos with the software providers. Just be sure to not saddle up with software that’s expensive and might put your business in over its head.

The best practice is to try out BigCommerce inventory management that is scalable, aimed at SME businesses, and offers a free trial. Perhaps the 14-day trial offered by Katana is a perfect fit, particularly as we offer a native integration with BigCommerce to make manufacturing and sales as simple as possible.

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